January 31, 2010

52nd Annual Grammy's: Where Theatre Meets Music.


Tonight's Grammy's opened with the ever provocative Lady Gaga. As always, she entertained and turned all musical conventions upside down and sideways. She manages to combine so many genres in her theatrical, dramatic performances. She certainly tries not to follow some formula! I am not so sure she'd be all that great without her bag o' tricks, however. But that's show biz!

Regardless, overall, there has definitely been an infusion of all things theatre! From Gaga with Elton to Green Day with the cast from American Idiot the musical...What a great marriage: rock and drama. And then Beyonce comes on and performs Alanis Morrisette's You Otta Know! Crazy choice! Another example of drama meets pop: a combination of edge and soul.

I love how the Grammy's magnifies what is happening in pop culture at this point. It seems that Glee has taken over the music industry. Well, Glee and Susan Boyle, whose musical-inspired career has dominated this year! Theatre is taking music to the next level, from simply entertaining to dramatic, pure and full of heart. Cheesy even. I love cheese.

I've watched the Grammy's faithfully since I was twelve. While I am sure that the popular music it promotes targets the teen/tween demographic, I am still hooked. I love the escape. I love how happy popular music makes me. I love the fashion. I love to sit back and critique, guessing who will last and who will fade: Like, will Ke$ha ever have another hit? I doubt I'll see her at the Grammy's again! Watching these awards and staying up-to-date with popular music also helps me stay connected to what is important to my students.

So here I sit, some eighteen years running. I will watch from start to finish. I will make declarations about how the industry changes; and I will observe how the true talent separate themselves from the one hit wonders. Most excitingly, I will soak up the drama. I love to watch the drama!

p.s. Pink's figure is slammin'!
p.p.s. I am excited to see the M.J. tribute!
p.p.p.s. My favourite song of all time--(I even wanted it to be our wedding song, but J.B. said it was too sad)--is Bridge Over Trouble Water originally by Simon and Garfunkel. I am including the lyrics:

When you're weary
Feeling small
When tears are in your eyes
I will dry them all

I'm on your side
When times get rough
And friends just can't be found
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down

When you're down and out
When you're on the street
When evening falls so hard
I will comfort you

I'll take your part
When darkness comes
And pain is all around
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down

Sail on Silver Girl,
Sail on by
Your time has come to shine
All your dreams are on their way

See how they shine
If you need a friend
I'm sailing right behind
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind

January 30, 2010



I went and saw AVATAR tonight and was beyond blown away. I am going to do my best to explain why and to summarize my thoughts, but know that I don't feel overly confident that I can. I thought I'd start with what Avatar apparently means:
1. The incarnation of a Hindu deity, especially Vishnu, in human or animal form.
2. An embodiment, as of a quality or concept; an archetype: the very avatar of cunning.
3. A temporary manifestation or aspect of a continuing entity: occultism in its present avatar.

I would, based on the definitions above, consider the movie to be about a spiritual belief that is held by the Na'vi, the partly human alien creatures who live on planet Pandora.

I will not review the movie, as I simply do not feel qualified at all. I just want to write this and get it out -- off my mind! The movie brought to mind one word from start to finish: beauty. It was beyond beautiful, from the special effects to the sentiment: Nature versus Science, Woman versus Man. It was done to perfection. Not a detail was forgotten. An Ecofeminist Science Fiction scholar would be proud, and a movie buff who loved Dances with Wolves would connect. It was gorgeous.

I was completely on a high, connecting all the things I remember learning about eco-feminism some ten years ago: the linear versus the circular, networks versus singular persons with selfish preoccupations; the woman versus the man in both the human species and the Other; the Scientific need to advance versus Nature's need to simply exist. Every detail was considered from the music, to the visuals, and from the story to the very specific Science Fiction formula. It was perfect.

I highly recommend everyone watches it. I loved that while my husband watched the film and saw Dances with Wolves, I watched and saw Marge Percy's Woman on the Edge of Time.

It is what you want it to be, regardless of who you are. And it is beauty.

January 29, 2010

What's the deal with Skinny Jeans??


I haven't been able to decide my opinion on the skinny jean fashion trend. I thought it would fade out, like the zipper jean of 1992/1993--or for that matter, the safety pin jean/pant of 1990/1991. But it appears the look has stuck. Hm. And I seriously am unsure of my opinion. I think they're silly and ridiculous on the one hand, because I know that the style will pass sometime soon, so why spend the $100.00 + dollars on them only to have to toss them in two years? Classic cuts is where the value's at! But on the other hand, they do look damn hot with the right boot, top and figure. Sometimes.

I don't know, though. There is something incongruous about the big top, little bottoms. Especially for someone like me who happens to be shaped that way. I have to say, not all that flattering. I was once called--when donning the big sweater little leggings look of 1993--a marshmallow with legs. Is that not what the fashion has become? Okay, maybe not for the lucky few who can wear the skin tight sweater dresses, cinched in perfectly at the waist with a belt, actually showing that there is a figure above the twigs. But the boyfriend jacket on top of the big man-shirt button ups and then the leggings? It's just another version of shoulder pads gone all wrong (think 1980's with the high waisted, pleated, tapered jean)...Too much going on up top, too little on the bottom. Isn't disproportion a fashion no - no? Maybe we all need to have a chat with Stacy London on the topic.

I got to thinking about this crazy trend last week during my lovely weekly outing to the mall. I was minding my own, trying hard not to spend any money, when I saw Jean Machine, and my interest was piqued. I love me a good pair of jeans. So I went in, looking for a nice dark wash, straight leg, dressy jean. I was accosted by the salesclerk (yippee-more compliments for me!!!), and she showed me some jeans she thought would look 'hot' on me. Her words, not mine, I swear!!! I was sold by the simple fact that the jeans' name was actually my name!! They were Mavi S______ skinny jeans. So of course I HAD to try them on! I slid into them and they suctioned themselves snuggly to my legs. They were comfortable, yes. And they did fit (in a small size, too!). But I still looked like a marshmallow with legs! Too much on the top, not enough on the bottom and no matter how great my boots were, people would still think I was going to topple over.

And, actually, a few months earlier, I was shopping at Aritizia and the lovely saleslady there also tried to persuade me into buying some crazy crazy black skinny jeans that looked more like leggings than actual pants. At the time I had thought she was insane for even thinking she could get me into these pants because I was just that out of the loop. I didn't know that everyone was wearing them! But now that I've been out of the house for my once a week ethnographic study of all things mall and shopping, I have come to learn this truth.

It amazes me that the trend seems to beset both the relaxed ladies and those of higher fashion tendencies (and actually some men for that matter)! I wonder...is it going to be like the legging that seems to have had some amazing staying power (it's been probably four years and the leggings are still going strong--Lucky for Lindsay Lohan, I suppose!)? Should I relent and buy me some nice, small, skinny jeans and be one with my marsheemellowness? Or will the look pass when people start realizing that maybe a box atop twigs (or stumps) is not all that flattering? Thoughts?

January 28, 2010

Yeah! Smiley Me!!!

A great big thanks to the ladies Erin, Aubrey (Stacey) and Guinevere over at My Pile of Books for giving me the Happy 101 Award. It made me happy!!! Seriously, I was having a blue day two days ago before the award...it totally cheered me up. Anyhow...

Here are the rules:

* List 10 things that make you happy.
* Try and do at least one of them today.
* Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day.
* Link back to the person that tagged you!

So, I am going to list the ten things that make me happy. I will tag the bloggers, but it may be redundant with the Kreativ Blogger Award from earlier this week -- so I apologize...Please do not feel you have to participate, just know you and your blog make me happy!

Ten things that make me happy: (in no particular order)
1. My daughter E.
1.b. nap-time.
2. My husband J.B.
3. Saturday night hubby made dinner and store bought wine.
4. Movies in movie theatres.
5. Working out/DANCING!
6. Writing for this blog.
7. Students.
8. Good friends.
9. Starbucks or Second Cup Skinny Vanilla Latte no foam.
10. Make-up/dressing up.
11. Reading (novels, celebrity smutt, blogs).

There are so many more things that make me happy -- lucky me!

Ten Bloggers:
1. Kat @ http://tinycastles.blogspot.com/--for her honesty.
2. Melissa @ i swim for oceans
her enthusiasm and loyal reading/commenting.
3. Beth @ Thinking of Thinking
her honest, sweet, optimistic, approach to teaching.
4. Kendall @ I Can Do Lots of Things
her funny funny posts.
5. Jenn @ Books at Midnight
her busy schedule/helpful nature/connecting bloggers through her network.
6. Bethany Mattingly @Aspirations
her ability to connect agriculture and writing -- two very awesome hobbies/talents.
7. Kari @A Good Addiction
her colourful site!!!
8. Tamara Heiner @ Chasing Dreams
for her honest blog entries.
9. Diane @ Bibliophile by the Sea
for her comment on my blog:-) AND that cute pic of the kid reading IN the bookcase!
10. Kristin Rae @ Kristin Creative
for her crazy excellent description of herself and ALL her many hobbies!

'kay, again, play along if you like, if not...just enjoy that you make me smile!

An Ode To Sleep


Dearest sleep, remember when we were one?
Spending hours together, we had so much fun!
It did not matter the time of day,
We would meet up, regardless, and have our way.

But now you've moved along,
And I wonder, what did I do wrong?
You're like an intangible ghost,
That I can only catch for a few hours at most.

Why did you leave me stranded, without?
You've gone for someone younger and more fun, no doubt!
You are the fickle love of my life,
And your teasing cuts to the core like a knife.

Remember the days we spent together from midnight until two pm?
When it didn't matter what else was happening?
We were committed to one another, you and I...
Now we're strangers, rarely together we lie.

It is because I am with child that you feel cheated, right?
Like all my attention is her's, for it you must fight?
Oh sleep, I am sorry I've left you feeling so scorned.
You're both dear to me, it is I who am forlorn.

Every other day you tease me with promises of time together,
Eight hours of uninterrupted, pure bliss, you swear!
But then you once again leave me alone and without...
These black eyes and foggy brain are your fault, no doubt.

Sleep I miss you more than you could ever know...
Your time with me is so brief, maybe two hours or so!
I tell you, these choppy, infrequent visits are a tease,
Stay for good this time, I'm begging -- Please!

Dearest slumber, what more can I say?
I'll be true to you no matter what other obstacles threaten to get in our way.

January 27, 2010

Creamy, Crusty, Melt in my Mouth...


I have made a very important, pertinent, extremely life-altering realization today. Crusty Italian loaf, or a good French baguette, heated just so, is better to me than chocolate. Yes. It's true. I think it may even be better than ice cream!!! Oh the way it melts in my mouth, and crunches just so perfectly...and tastes so buuuttterry and doughy....Oh wow. It might even be better than.........no. wait. not quite.

January 26, 2010

My Blog is My Gym...


We have the same ambivalent relationship. Seriously. For instance, when I started out this whole blogging thing, I was on a roll, I was up night and day just writing like I'd not written in years. The ideas were just rushing in! What adrenaline! I was full speed ahead, all in baby!

I have the same approach with the gym. When I get the urge to start out my new workout regiment, again, (a story for another time) - (for instance, on January 1 EVERY YEAR) I am very very determined and committed. And I wonder how I ever left. Oh how the endorphins are just so addictive. Why did I ever stop? The first week I am exhilarated, amazed at my new resolve. And then during week two I start to slow down, just a bit. Still pleased with myself, but starting to think the bed is slightly more attractive...especially since the results are just not showing the way they should! By week three and onward I am full stop at the question: What is the point? And done.

Anyhow, I blather...

The point being that the first week was a super high getting this blog going. Even the second week was pretty amazing, learning how to design it, getting tips from great bloggers such as Beth, Melissa, or Jenn...And the new friends!!! I got great feedback at first and that helped drive my want to write. But then a day would go by and maybe I got nothing, not a comment, or a hit...and I would think, boy that bed sure looks attractive.

You get it.

But why?? I think I must have a problem with discipline, or maybe attentiveness, or maybe a need for immediate gratification, or feedback. Actually, I think it's really immaturity...Whatever it is, it is.

But the moment I start to feel too down or that maybe I should just stop (
who wants to read sappy stuff about E?!), someone throws me a bone. I get a new follower (welcome dArLyn), or receive a fun award, thanks Aubrey (Stacey)! And I am back.

Sad but true. I am hoping this is not simply a negative attribute that only I possess. I am hoping I can cop out a little and blame it on the human condition...?!

Regardless. I am really hoping that I can write for the sake of writing...ha! Don't we all just want an audience?!...no?

p.s. blogging rhymes with jogging! do you suppose they both will provide the same results? Six pack here I come!

January 25, 2010

And the Seasons, They Go Round and Round


...The painted ponies go up and down...Oh Joni, how right you are. I am right now listening to my daughter, E, turn on her mobile, then turn it off, then on, then off. She is lulling herself to sleep. Yup. That's right. She no longer needs or wants her mommy to cuddle her to sleep. She is an independent woman, don't you know! At the ripe age of almost ten months, she's cut the cord *um. again.

Recently and certainly in the months ahead, I have to grasp this truth. My baby is growing up and one day will no longer be my baby. She's already so big! She's changed so much! This is just the beginning of my blossoming child and I already feel the sentiment that I can't return I can only
look behind from where we came...

And we've already come so far. Once she was a girl who spent hours a day cuddled in so close to me, she and I watching bad soaps on t.v. Now we no longer cuddle during the day, she's too busy exploring the world! When I try to pick her up, to hold her back (just a little) and keep her close--my attempt to retain a little piece of baby E--she wrestles from my grasp, anxious to get out there - free and on her own.

The CD that plays during her nighttime routine has not changed since her birth. While it plays now, I listen to its familiar sound and lament the days when she would lay there happily nestled into me, needing to be nursed or fed a bottle to settle her into a nice sleep. As the same music plays, it amazes me how everything else has changed. She now rushes to finish her bottle; she abruptly pushes it aside when she's done and sits up as if to say, '
kay mom, put me to bed now already. And my heart breaks just a little.

Soon I will head back to work and someone else will be raising my child during the week. My little girl and I have been nearly inseparable since her birth. We have our own rhythm. I hate the idea of someone stepping in and disturbing it. I won't be the only one to whom she turns for comfort or direction. Sigh...and soon enough, there will be even more directors helping to mold and guide my little E.

Right now, though, she is still mine. I am trying to hold on tight to the little baby bits that she retains. The moments when she's tired and forgets her determined independence and leans into her mommy for a brief moment. When she cries and searches for me, needing me to pick her up and hold her. I try to pause life in these moments, because I know that, sooner than I realize, she will be off dreaming her own big dreams. And I will have to stand back and watch as she leaves my arms for good.

While I realize she is growing up and I know there is a fine line between holding on and letting go, at least I can hold on to this: as long as I'm living, my baby she'll be.*

*Robert Munsch Love you forever.

January 24, 2010

Hope for Haiti


Hope for Haiti raised over 58 million dollars in donations on friday night's telethon! Record breaking. Check out Perez Hilton to see stats! wowsa! Yay N.A.! Yay George Clooney and friends!

I am a Happy Girl!

This new blogging thing has been amazing for me. Not only am I getting the opportunity to travel through sites and read writings that I would not have were I not part of this seemingly underground, interconnected culture, I am also able to write about and think about things that have been dormant for years.

As my friend, colleague, and college friend over at Thinking of Thinking mentions, we are both grads of the lovely ba in English Literature. I forget sometimes since (again as she also mentions) it's been years and other priorities take hold--there's the job to do, the babe to care for, the husband to please (tee hee)...You know, life.

After bouncing through several new sites, I found one at where troubles melt like lemon drops, discussing the novel Frankenstein, which I studied in two different University courses. I vividly remember writing about it for my Eco-Feminist course. I wrote about Goddess Mythology in Frankenstein. So I went and dug up my old essay and took a read. Hm. Interesting. I forgot all about these theories and, for that matter, how much I loved this novel!

Another commenter at Mariel's site mentions that she loves this novel and that she had written a paper on it...So then I hopped over to her site and noticed that one of her favourite reads (which is also a huge favourite of mine) is The Awakening by Kate Chopin. Now my previous analytical and keenly interested mind is really getting going. I see the connection between her love of Frankenstein, and her love of The Awakening and I wonder if she studied Feminism in Literature as well! I feel like I am back in University, sitting in The Spoke, drinking my coffee, having the best theoretical chat with a good friend.

That's what blogging is like for me. Yes, my subjects are often much lighter than the literature and philosophy I wrote about in University. And yes, sometimes I long for those meaningful discussions again. But for now, for the time I can give it, I just love the opportunity to be able to think of new ideas, to read about different perspectives and new reviews, to share thoughts and banter with other bloggers, and, mostly, I love the opportunity to write...oh to write again!!!

I am a happy girl!

Yeah! Yippee!!! Woo-Hoo!

I received the Kreativ Award from Melissa at i swim for oceans! I am so excited. Melissa's blog is excellent; she does book reviews, she hosts guest bloggers, and has many contests! She has been a great support for me as I try to get my blog up and running...! Thanks, Melissa!

So, with this award, I'm supposed to tell you seven interesting things about myself and pass it on to 7 other creative bloggers...

1. I have a daughter, E, who is ten months old and the love of my life.
2. I am addicted to make-up. I spent more on it than anything else (including clothes) in the last year.
3. I would like to figure out a way to be my own boss...
4. I was born to teach...it's in my bones. Oh and Beth over at Thinking of Thinking advised me of this way back in University!
5. I love wine more than most food.
6. I was adopted. I don't know my nationality. I consider myself the post-modern, imploded girl:-)
7. I know more about trivial things, like celebrity gossip, than I would care to really admit. I actually consider it a talent.

I would like to pass this award on to:

Thinking of Thinking –The English Teacher

It’s Not all Flowers and Sausages—Mimi

Books at Midnight—Jenn

My Pile of Books—Guinevere, Aubrey (Stacey), Erin Writes

Nat the Fat Rat—Nat the Fat Rat

I Can Do Lots of Things--Kendall

Laughing Stars—Stephanie

January 23, 2010

The Saturday Network -- Visitng A Pile of Books

After stopping by at the Saturday Network, I moseyed on over to My Pile of Books to check it out! This site is a YA book review site, and it is very well done. Mature, easy to follow, concise. The reviews include summaries of the young adolescent novels, then a clear review. The ratings are based on where they deserve to fall in your pile of books: top picks, reaching new heights, middle fo the stack, a bit buried or bottom of the barrel. Hilarious and easy to understand! The books are also rated based on audience appropriateness, pg, pg13, R, etc. I think this review site is a great way to review a book so that those who teach adolescents (which I do!) or parents who want to buy books for their teens, know exactly what they are getting without having to read and screen every book they buy.

I wonder about the three authors of the site, Guinevere, Erin Writes, and Aubrey. How old are they? What is their background? What, other than the love of books, motivated them to start this site?

Overall, great content!!! I will be back again

January 22, 2010

The Power of Music

Music can powerfully capture important moments. I am right now still watching the Hope for Haiti telethon and cried during Beyonce's performance of Halo. Maybe I am a sap, or maybe Beyonce is just good at capturing the sentiment? Regardless, the tone for the night has been set: it's perfectly somber, yet hopeful. All the performers are wearing black and grey to show their solidarity, grief, mourning.

Aside from the music's ability to convey the gravity of the situation in Haiti, the catastrophic images of the suffering babies and children orphaned, are also hard to watch. I imagine my own little E, orphaned or suffering for days under rubble, waiting for someone to rescue her.

The stories of families losing their loved ones, no idea who is alive or dead. I cannot imagine. Looking at the young children's faces, the hope in their eyes, all the possibilities meant to be ahead; that is why we must help, for them. That is the message.

Somehow the music captures both the hope and the desperation...what a perfectly orchestrated and appropriately poignant presentation.

**on a more superficial note, what did you think of the outfits and performances? I
loved John Legend, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder. Actually I adored them all. They seriously played some of my favourite songs: Like a Bridge over Trouble Waters, I'll Stand by You, Hallelujah, Like a Prayer to name a few. Yes, yes, I am a sap. I love songs whose sentiment and sound give me the shivers. I will be downloading the performances from itunes!

As for the clothing, I loved that they all wore black and grey (aside from Taylor Swift, whom I bet didn't get the memo...though that's okay, her youth and sweetness made the white outfit equally appropriate). I was not a fan of Madonna's look, however. I really think she's trying too hard to look younger than she is. And the liquid eyeliner does nothing to help with that. And her hair colour and style were just all wrong...It was also quite frizzy?! She makes enough she should not have any issues with her hair. Maybe it's the overly bleached colour that is killing her hair? Oh, and the covering of her aging hands with silly leather gloves? Really, she is not the poster child for aging gracefully...She is gorgeous, but she is trying way too hard. Okay. That's my rant.

ps. Shakira looked gorgeous -- though very very conservative!

A Distraction!


Ladies, I am so sorry to have forgotten about my true love, Mr. Ryan Reynolds. Yes. He is worthy. May he distract you if only for a moment before you sit down to watch Hope for Haiti. You're welcome.

Tonight, Tonight - Hope for Haiti

Tonight George Clooney, Anderson Cooper, and Wyclef Jean will host the Hope For Haiti Telethon, boasting quite the celebrity line-up. It airs on almost all Networks. Obviously this event is not the only way people are showing support for Haiti after their earthquakes. It is awesome, though, that the entertainment world, with all its influence, is coming together and taking time to do something for someone other than themselves.

I haven't really talked about Haiti's disaster because it's just so sad. I was watching television last night and saw several clips of starving children, and people in very dire medical situations. It breaks my heart and I wonder why this happens (at all), but particularly to a country that is already strained.

Anyhow, it is great that Canada for Haiti and Hope for Haiti are airing and that so many celebrities are involved. The telethon exemplifies how the world really can come together and help a country in need when we really want to. Too bad it had to take such a catastrophe to motivate us all...

So tonight I will watch some of the somber realities I've avoided facing. While it is good to not always focus on the world's upsets, it is important that we realize what is happening and what we can do to help.

January 20, 2010

My Tumultuous Affair

Photo Credit: http://images.clipartof.com/small/21588-Clipart-Illustration-Of-Three-Silhouetted-Long-Haired-Women-Wearing-Colorful-And-Fashionable-Clothes-And-Taking-Long-Strides-While-Shopping-In-A-Mall.jpg

I consider myself very lucky to have a mother-in-law who offers to watch little E for a couple of hours a week so that I can have some me time. I am able to go wherever I like, without having to drag the babe, the diaper bag, the stroller, and all other necessary debris (I don't consider the babe debris btw). While a disciplined woman might choose the gym for her desired destination, and the true intellectual woman might like the library, my idea of extra-curricular is much more involved.
Like the true girl that I am, out of the many places I can choose, I relish my weekly trip to the mall!

The mall is like that great novel we cannot wait to read, or that lofty fitness goal we plan to achieve. Actually, it's the unrequited love of my life: my land of possibilities, where anything can happen. When I enter, I have to take a breath and exhale slowly to calm myself and slow my racing thoughts (which are always rattling through all the possible places to visit and things to buy)!

However, along with that great exhilaration I feel when I shop, right there beside it, trying to overshadow it every time, is the realization that I cannot possess everything; I will never be truly satisfied. While the mall is the place of possibilities, our tryst has limits.

One such limit is money. I am not rich; my disposable income (especially while on maternity leave) is often negligible. And so, I stare at my objects of desire longingly through windows, wondering what if; maybe one day, I might finally possess them. This is the longing that keeps me coming back, yet makes me feel so heartbroken.

Then there's the other patrons; the ones who have impeccable style, who are completely up-to-date in all things style. They, too, break my heart. I find myself staring at them in awe. How do they do that? How can they afford to be so fashionable? Oh were I them, only for a day, I'd truly know satisfaction then. Looking at them, then down at my grubby apparel, (in which I had previously felt super cute), I reconsider my style. I spend the hours lusting after the well-dressed, practically harassing them with my stares, dreaming about what it would be like to have just a piece of what they have. Ah l'amore.

I simply want what I cannot have. I go from store to store, fixating on item after item, often trying to emulate the fashionista I passed on my journey. If I had this, oh my skin would just glow. If I wore those, my ass would finally defy gravity. If I find those perfect boots I saw on that impeccably dressed woman, then I'd feel good in my winter wear.

The store clerks, optimistically hoping I will be their next great customer, their big commission, pay more attention to me than my own husband
does. I lap it all up: the compliments, the lines. The words upon which a true affair is built. Only when they realize I am not going to be their meal ticket does their affection abruptly turn cold. And I am left to move on...

When my limited two hours are up and it is time for me to leave my scornful lover, feeling very much ungratified, I think,
while I couldn't get my satisfaction this trip, there is always next time. For isn't shopping and fashion really partially the thrill of the chase -- the perfect purchase -- the nearly attainable?

And so I will return next week, exhilarated and lustful, in hopes that maybe
this week, I will be truly satisfied.

p.s. while I do love to shop, this is a hyperbolic, ironic piece. Enjoy!

How to Cheat without Cheating -- A Loophole!!!

Today I found a way to cheat on my 'diet'! A cereal cookie. Thank you Second Cup -- 'you're my inspiration'! Now, just having cereal in the title really does make it okay, or as Rachel Ray would say, presumably 'figure friendly'!!! I. am. serious. Click here for today's recipe of choice. Woo hoo! This means I can have ten, right?!

January 19, 2010

How Smart Are YOU???

Photo Credit:http://talentedapps.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/homer-simpson-wallpaper-brain-10242.jpg

Try to solve this puzzle.
Apparently only people with an IQ over 120 are able to figure it out ...
Keep your brain active and think about it:
2 + 3 = 10
7 + 2 = 63
6 + 5 = 66
8 + 4 = 96

9 + 7 = ????

Post your answers and I will email you if you are correct...be sure I have your email!!!

"You're an Idiot" and other such innate non-verbal communications!

Photo Credit: http://gailbhyatt.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/pouting-little-girl-istock_000006840535xsmall5.jpg
Well today I realized (likely not for the first time, but anyway), the power and clarity of non-verbal language. I learned way back in University (when I was forced to take the etymology of language) that we are actually born knowing language. We are hard-wired to understand meaning. Hm. I guess this is why young children have an easier time learning a variety of languages and as we get older this innate ability fades.

At breakfast my daughter looked at me with an expression she has given me many many times; a declaration that I am sure (since she is my daughter) she will use often in the future. She looked at me sideways (through her squinted eyes), cocked her head, uttered a barely audible sigh, and said (without need of any word), 'Are you an idiot? I thought so! Seriously Mom, I mean REALLY!'. I realized at that moment, that this impatient look is the one she gives me most often. What could this mean???!!!

Are we women born destined to have this special relationship with our mothers? You know the one: when mother says something and we wonder how she could even consider such an idea???!!!

Some other expressions I have noticed my daughter use:

'Dad, You're the best.'
'Dad, You're so funny!'
'Mom, where is my food? Ew. This is gross!'
'Dad, I love you.'
'Mom, I want to go to bed NOW.'
'Dad, I adore you.'
'No? Did you say no, mom? Are you quite sure about that? Let me just try to do what you've forbidden one more time and see if you change your mind!'
'Ha! You think you're the boss, mom!'
'Daddy, I missed you!'
'I know you know I am guilty...'
'Grr. I am so angry at you mommy!!!'

Okay, so maybe I am sensitive, but I swear baby E saves all her adoring looks for her pops. And I? I get the 'Are you serious, mom?' looks. And, as I can recall (having grown up a female with a mother), I know that that was exactly how communication worked in my house. I had the 'screw you, mom' face down by the time I was five. It was my number one saying; I had the perfect piercing eyes -- just ask my mom. She'll tell you!

And so, today, I have come to terms with the fact that my daughter is already a pro at communicating her thoughts and ideas and that while she does have some loving looks and expressions, she is really excellent at stating her distaste for all things mom. The cycle continues.

January 18, 2010

Fattening up my Little Princess

As you are aware (if you've read any of my posts to date), my little angel is adverse to eating. Mostly. She has odd days here and there when she seems totally into food. But they are few. As my father-in-law puts it, she likes to put anything and everything non-food related into her little, curious mouth! To deal with her food foibles I have been getting creative in the baby-basics feeding department. Not only do I need to find foods little E will eat, I need to make sure they are high in fat because, along with being opposed to putting food into her mouth, she is also very impatient, and if I lose that small window of interest, she's done; she will take no more. So, whatever I feed her is high in fat to make up for the inadequate intake. Keep in mind as you read my cardiac-arresting menu, that she is not even 17lbs at nearly ten-month's old, and that fat is what feeds the brain!
(p.s. I wish I could eat like this)

Sample Menu One:

  • custard/rice pudding/cereal creamy mixture. (boiled cream to which I add baby cereal of choice, a small tsp of sugar and vanilla).
  • one cereal cookie. (butter, brown sugar, baking soda and water instead of egg, small amount of flour, and cereal of choice).
  • some sort of fruit.
The cereal is very important for babes as it has 100% iron and they need this to prevent anemia and aid in growth! I would feed it to her the regular way if she would actually take it, but she hates it and will not open her mouth at all for it! After five months, I``ve had to get creative!


  • small, teeny cubes of cheddar or mozzarella cheeze for her to feed herself.
  • an egg yolk, mashed in butter for stickiness so it does not crumble.
  • a piece of toast, or a cracker, with cream cheeze on it. (Usually she licks it and throws it on the floor)...
  • High fat Liberty Mediterranean Yogurt (oh this is to die for)!
  • alfredo pastina. (three egg yolks, one cup of cream, half cup of mozzarella, boil, poor over pasta, and serve...This recipe makes for six servings or so.)--great source of non-heme iron!
  • Veggie of some sort.
I try the little jarred casseroles on her a few times a week and she keeps her mouth shut tighter than a vice!


  • homemade boiled turkey (with skin on), blended with sweet potato and apricots added.
  • try beef with same blend -- she takes two bites then raspberries it into my face.
  • jar beef or chicken hidden in apricots or peaches.
  • veggie of some sort.
  • pasta.
  • crackers or toast for her to play with in hopes she is distracted enough she doesn`t notice me trying to shovel above foods into her petite mouth.
  • custard or fruit for dessert.
With all meals I serve diluted apple juice or a small amount of homo milk!
pps. We also try and get the good fats (omegas and dha`s) into her via salmon and flax oil...ha ha! Who am I kidding? We try and fail miserably!

Most food ends up on the floor -- I could honestly wash it everyday and it would still be a disgusting, crumby, residue - y mess! If only we had a cat or dog to lap it up. Our floor should be fat and have cardiovascular problems at this point.

The Golden Globe Awards


Well, the Golden Globes were on last night, and for the first time EVER my husband was totally psyched. Why would he be at all interested in the fashion focused, speech saturated, hoity-toity event? Well because the host is one of the funniest people alive! Seriously -- get his comic cd's that pontificate on life and art. He's funny and smart. So,together husband and wife sat, wine in hands, awaiting in anticipation for the greatest night ever! (I was more interested in the night's fashion). Neither one of us were very concerned about the nominees or winners, mind you! Anyhow, Gervais for the most part, delivered! It was tame, but I bet it had to be -- I bet all his jokes had to be okayed! Ah censorship. He wasn't able to add pizazz into the show. I wonder how he could be expected to carry the G.G's when it is still so focused on speeches and thank-yous? SNORING.

While hubby and I were both pumped and prepared for the two or so hours of viewing, we both lost interest at around the half hour mark. No matter how charismatic and funny Gervais is, the G.G. are still too speech focused. Also, what also made it less interesting was the fact that the nominated films weren't very exciting. UUGH. Oh, and the fashions of the evening were BORING. However, look up Gervais ripping into Mel Gibson -- hilarious.

click here to see R.G.'s past career aspiration! Almost funnier than he is!

January 17, 2010

A Proposal

So I have a new idea for a dissertation: the direct correlation between the advent of the Internet--and its new found use for Social Networking and Blogging--and the rising epidemic of sleep deprivation amongst its users. A thought.

January 16, 2010


Photo credit: http://www.everydaypeoplecartoons.com/cartoons/327---September-30-October-6,-2007,-sense-of-self-haircut.gif

So, like many, I am trying to be frugal and smart with my money. This is especially difficult, I have come to learn, for someone like me who truly believes in quality products. However, I am trying to be more practical as I mature, and be more selective about where and how I spend my hard earned government funded pay check. (*mat leave peeps!)

It gets really difficult though, when I have so many loves: food, wine, clothes, shoes, makeup, spa days...And many of these are not just loves, they are in fact needs!

Case in point: one needs to have great hair! Seriously. And I am not one to ignore my needs. So, I have been in quite the existential dilemma these past few months about what is truly important when it comes to my hair. More specifically, I am wondering (and thinking) hard (without trying to strain myself) about both products and stylists.

Okay, so I ask, is it absolutely essential to buy salon products? Will my hair look dull and life-less on say Herbal Essences rather than Sebastian? I have not been able to go back to pharmacy-sold products since I was brainwashed into being completely hooked on professional products some eleven years ago. However, the price difference between the 'professional' versus 'non professional' products is HUGE! Like the salon products are easily fifty percent more!!!! Is it worth it?!!! I guess it is for me and my priorities to choose. I say If buying this product means that my hair will look that much better and my style will last that much longer and look that much more radiant. Then yes yes, yes it is. It is worth the price every time. But does it???

And is it really better to get the two hundred dollar cut and colour at the downtown popular salon, or to go get the seventy dollar jobby at the mall? To wait for three weeks to get into our in-demand stylist, or stop in on a whim whenever we feel like it! Which is the better deal? Which is more important? Will I truly be sacrificing style if I choose to go cheap???

This is seriously a very traumatic, earth-shattering, life changing crossroads I am at; am I mature enough, brave enough, or frugal enough to forgo all the professional, hyped up, commercial items and treatments? Or shall I comfortably remain broke?

An Escape--While Baby Naps

Thanks to the English Teacher for all her direction with my blogging. Today she led me to a site called Books at Midnight where they do an event called the Saturday Network...Getting bloggers to visit the site, make comments on other's comments, and then visit the other bloggers' sites. One big network. I visited Jill's site called, The Owl,where Jill comments on reading material that will interest the tween demographic. This is an excellent site for me since I am a middle school teacher who does have difficulties finding new and interesting material to engage my little English students!!! A very great find, for sure!!!

I will be adding this site to the blogs I follow! Check it out!

Feeding Problems--I'm blogging it out! GRRRR.

Almost since little E was born, her eating has been a major ordeal. She wouldn't take a bottle from about three months. She no longer nursed. We struggled and struggled. At four months her doc says put her on solids! yippee, solution!


At nine and a half months little girly just could care less about nourishing herself AT ALL. '
But babies will not starve themselves'To that I say BAH! You say that after spending twelve hours with my daughter. Her two bites of cereal and fruit this morning is sure to sustain her. That and her three ounces of formula. Yup. That's enough to help her grow big and strong...

Everyday I try new foods, new approaches and everyday I get rejected. With all the patience I have managed to sustain (for the most part), each new rejection is a big blow.

In every other way my baby girl is a dream. She's a true heart breaker. But when it comes to trying to keep her thriving, that is a major challenge. No exaggeration.

I feel a bit better now...Until lunch time anyway!

January 14, 2010

One of my loves

video credit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iclrzPeE61U

I love dancing. The ability to express
whatever! It is the best form of escape I can think of. Even before books and the spa. Enjoy! (click on title to go to link)

Tragic Irony...

Photo Credit: http://www.joblo.com/newsimages1/1hayek-cleavage3.jpg

Or, one of Life's little Unfair Jokes,
Or, a Conundrum. You decide.
Warning: this may be Too Much

So, when breasts are at their seriously finest, most perkiest, uplifted and gorgeous, (and bountiful) is when they are full of milk. So isn't it ironic* (don't ya think), that this is when they are off limits to our mates?!

Just a thought.

*Alanis Morrissette's song in which she misused the word ironic entirely.

January 13, 2010

The Problem of the Day


I made the realization today that my daughter is now officially b-o-r-e-d. At nine and a half months she is already learning what it is to be bored? What the? Although I know this was a predominant state for me as a child, (come on, I lived in a small town with one intersection and a corner store!)I didn't think babies got bored. Well, another case of ignorant new mother.

So I decided, I know, of course! What does every girl love to do when she is bored?...

She loves to shop!

Okay, maybe not all females do, but the ones I associate with do!

So, I thought, some visual stimuli for my little E would be just awesome! To the mall we go! Yippee for mom and daughter -- our first fun outing doing girly things! In my head I started to fantasize about our first spa day--getting massages and gossiping about our exciting lives; or our first manicure--chatting about what some stupid boy (or husband) did or said; our first time together at the hairstylists...Oh boy! This was going to be great fun!

Umm not so much. Even though she got a brand new ensemble (she will be outfitted from head to toe!!!), and she got to look at all the fun outfits and toys, she was still bored!

Turns out she not only needs visual stimulation, she needs physical too. I just cannot make this girl happy today!!! (Can anyone say Diva much?!) My mom says that kids need to learn they do not rule, so I try to not take it personally or give in to her desire to get out of the umbrella stroller!

Sigh. I guess I will have to wait a few more years before we have true mother daughter days.

The problem remains unsolved.

Little E does not like to make it easy, that`s for sure! After spending the last few days scouring the Net for ideas on how to feed my little princess (that was the last week`s problem of the day), I now need to start my new search on how to entertain Miss E (if you`re nasty!)!*

I wonder what tomorrow`s problem of the day will be? Well, at least she doesn`t let me get too comfortable or bored.

*reference to Janet Jackson's song, Control,from the '80's.


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