Thirsty Thursdays

Thirsty Thursdays -- A Review!

Here is how I rate the wine:
My Wine Rubric: four glasses is excellent, three glasses is good, two glasses is fair, and one glass is this wine is corked and tastes like sh*t – er, vinegar!


You may be wondering what makes me think I have the authority to write a wine review. It is a bit presumptuous! Okay, well I will outline my credentials, and then you can determine if you will consider my recommendations authoritative or not: Once upon a time I worked in the service industry. Yes, indeed, for seven years I worked the fine dining circuit—two of which were spent in a supervisory position. My first taste of fine dining began in Europe…Exotic, right? Well, if that’s not enough reason: I also spent many a Friday night during my serving days partaking in fine wines served to me (and other servers, too!) by the Restaurant Manager who fancied himself a wine connoisseur. He taught us a lot. And I have even been on many wine tours. But the real reason you can trust my advice: I love wine. And I drink it a lot—though not in excess…anymore! I hope these credentials are justification enough for you!...But please remember I am no Sommelier and though I may use fancy terms like, legs, finish, or bouquet, I don’t really know what they mean! I hope this is as far from pretentious as you ever get when reading a wine review!



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