October 23, 2011

Mama's Got New Lingerie....

This might be tmi - but whatevs.

I propositioned my hubby in a very disgusting, spit-up covered, baby-cereal pasty-coated mess of a sweater ensemble (part lu-lu, part maternity, mix-and-match special)....

I was gonna take a pic of this disgusting outfit for all to see....

but um. it's so embarrassing, that I cannot bring myself to share.


And jb? well, it's a good thing boys are sometimes oblivious...

But I am sure it wasn't his favourite lingerie outfits...

October 18, 2011

Boning Up...he he.

Alright, my friends. Did I properly grab your attention?

I hope so.

Cuz I have some very important questions and I hope you can take a moment or two to help me out.

If you've talked to me EVER, but more particularly, in the last little while (as in as my Mat Leave progresses and my disposable funds digress), then you know that I. Am. On. A. Mission!

That is right, my friends. I am on a very serious quest here!

Maybe I'm bored. 

Maybe I just need some cause on which to focus my ever distracted attention.

Or maybe I am really in a place in which I truly need to focus my full attention on this cause.

Okay people. Talk to me. How can I pinch my pennies and make them into $100.00 bills, yo?

Yup. That's right.

I need some magic money management guidance, please!!!

Do you pinch pennies?

Are you good at it?

I generally pick them up and throw them away.

It is not just a metaphor for how I, the proverbial Aries, treat money, I am afraid...I seriously pick them up and throw them away. I mean, what are they good for anyway???


Being a fairly impulsive personality, money and I have always had a love-hate kind of relationship. I do love to shop, you see: if I see it, I want it, I buy it.

And in the moment...my new items fill me with true, undying, head-in-the clouds, nothing else matters, love...

It's that easy.

And why not?

But then I get my bills.
And you guessed it!

I am no longer in love. 

Well....maybe less in love....


Shopping and spending and money are a fun little hobby of mine. I even love grocery shopping. It's a metaphor for life, you know, grocery shopping. When one walks in to the abundant grocer, the possibilities are endless, and I can buy whatever I want.

And I can provide....
But I am learning that I need to sim sim simmer....I don't need clothes, nor can I really afford them. And, while I'd love to buy e every little item she picks off the shelf as the must-have, I really cannot do that either....

I am asking myself to go against my natural inclinations, people!!!


You see, along with being an excellent shopper and an impulsive personality, I am also really sh*tty with details, and budgets, I am afraid, ask for detail, precision, discipline...

However, that said, I have decided that I am doing this!

I am swinging full throttle to the other side of the pendulum and trying to do EVERYTHING I can to suck in the belt, stretch the dollar, trim the fat....
Sounds like a diet, no?

Well, it might turn into that if I cannot afford my groceries!!!

But seriously.
My question for y'all is how do you stretch your funds? Do you have savings?

How do you try and budget for the everyday and for the future?

I am looking for tricks.

Old fashioned, new wave, whatever ya got!

Please help me. I am not above groveling!

I am totally going against my own grain here, and I have to really stretch my mind, understand the abstract, speak a new language, and all that. 

I am finding money and saving that difficult to master.

For instance, I just switched dr b's formula from his $40.00 for 32oz X 6 days a week hypoallergenic gold to the PC $15.00 for a similar amount.

I determined that I was saving a whopping $376.00 or so. To be fair, I can't be COMPLETELY sure of the savings as PC measures in weight, not volume, so I am not sure the conversions are really equal.


After accomplishing this crazy-ass-feat (which, by the way, I am not sure is really helping my son as he is all phlegm-y and puke-y, and has a rash...but he is also teething, so I am persevering with slight guilt...), I realized that the replacement of formula to save money, while a good and frugal idea, was still not enough for me to consider myself a savvy shopper and money-conscious individual. 



I was still being my usual, frivolous Aries self, rationalizing that I'd already saved money; I was always making 7 oz bottles, (you know, in case dr b was STARVING or something) and often throwing out three or so ounces. 5 X 3 would be 15 oz a day X 6 = A hell of a lot of formula and $$$ down the drain (literally!) 

So one week and three days in and I've mended my ways.
I am thinking this whole being a money conscious, paired-down individual is going to always be a work-in-progress, and a battle of wills and wants with me...

So your help and your ideas are very much appreciated!

What else can I do to cut corners?

And btw, while asking this, please remember that I am not allowed to touch jb's television, HD, sports, or Internet...Or his allowance....ahem, budgeted earnings (?)

What else can I do???

Thanks in advance for reading, considering, and attempting to better me in this oh so frustrating and essential life skill. 


Oh. And I am almost one month down and I've not bought clothes yet!

Only 11 and a bit to go!!!

October 3, 2011

Mommy's Found Her Groove....

I don't know about you, but staying at home with babes two and under (even my own), is not an idea I really relished. I mean, I love my kids, more than anything or anyone, but days with kids are long...I remember counting down the seconds when I used to babysit. 

So Mat Leave  Number Two was not really an exciting prospect for me. Again. I love my kids, I really do. I just wasn't sure how long the days would feel...And I figured my social life would be on hiatus, too. And I love being social, sometimes, you know!

Well, I am now over half-way through my Leave and life is beyond swell.

In fact, we've hit a wonderful stride all around, my family and I!

We have a morning routine to which I even actually look forward when one of my darling children awakes me from my slumber  (naturally, way earlier than I'd really like.)~!

We spend a good hour or more every morning just hanging out, eating, playing, cartooning, etc. It's actually quite relaxing and special.

No one ever has to rush anywhere (especially not for the first two hours, bringing us to the nice, ripe hour of eight a.m.!)...I know!  Why, that's practically lunch time!!!



I've come to learn from our morning nonchalance, that I actually like not rushing to be someplace or do something! (who knew!?)

Apres our morning dalliance, we often have an activity planned of some sort, whether it be sign language, or e and me hitting the gym for a swim, or us all visiting a friend, or on e's twice weekly daycare days, I can be found cleaning, cooking, or napping (when dr b naps, of course!)...

And after our early lunch, on good days, e and dr b and I all nap for two hours. 


Our life is pretty darn sweet, especially with the birth of  our symbiotic napping schedule--which, btw, is an accomplishment that has taken me a long time and a lot of orchestrating and trial and error to execute! (There are some very frustrating days when one is down, the other up, then the other's down...you get the idea)...

After naps is usually bath and/or walks (never walk a baby before nap-time, I've learned, unless I don't want my own break as well!).

Then it's dr b's dinner, e's snack and then hang outs until five. Then dr b naps, e watches tv (very happily) and I make dinner.

Finally, jb comes home, we all (dr b included), sit down to a nice meal (some food may or may not be thrown of some high chairs, AND, some curse words and exacerbated frustrations may be uttered... but that's really neither here nor there)... It. is. still. a wonderful experience!

And then, of course, there's the 7 and 7:30 bed-time routine that I have now managed to complete all by myself! (jb is so super sad about this new routine, I have to say...er. NOT)

Yes, peeps, Super Mom really has found her groove!

First, e and dr b get all changed into their bed-clothes. e's bottle is made, and she is set up on the couch, at which point I bring dr b upstairs and feed him his bottle and settle him in for the night...I return to e, we do our book, kisses, flying into bed, fans turned on, music repepepepeating (Selena Gomez anybody???)

And then the clock ticks.
It's 7:30ish .... I make my way down the stairs to prepare my tea and nibs...(my nightly vice if you're not my fb friend:)!)

...And every night I always think, 'it's 7:30, do you know where your kids are?' And I smile to myself...

....and then one of my kids wakes up and humbles me back to reality (some nights):)


It's a crafted and pride-inducing routine and makes me think of the start of the movie About a Boy. Life really is "units of time, each unit consisting of no more than thirty minutes. Full hours can be a little bit intimidating and most activities take about half an hour. Taking a bath: one unit, watching countdown: one unit, web-based research: two units, exercising: three units, having my hair carefully disheveled: four units. It's amazing how the day fills up...."

I really do think, as a mom, I thrive on those units of time! They are the way to go. Much easier to deal with the ever-expansive, 12 hour, child-filled days (of wonder and awe that I utterly enjoy....ahem...) And I find, now that we have our units organized and pretty, I am actually not feeling bored or wondering when bed-time is...or when jb is gonna get home!!! (reminding me yet again of my baby-sitting days when I basically sat by the door, willing the parents to get home by the end of a long day!!!)

As an aside, I will admit, with full disclosure, that JB has, in the past,(on MANY occasions) seen me sitting on our bottom step, with my face plastered with desperation to the front window, LONGING for him to GET THE HELL HOME!!!!

But NOW!

Now we've found our groove, people! I feel, usually, that I have no need for saving at all, as I've found my groove. And I'm in no rush for any of it to change at all...

Though, sadly, I know it will.

In close, I am proud to think about how far we've come, and the hurdles we've leaped over in the past six months...Oh Maternity Leave, Thou Art Way Too Short...

and I often wonder, to be absolutely honest, if I'd ever have time for a job; how do people cram them in? (About a Boy)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post wherein I completely contradict and negate all the strides I've discussed here today!


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