February 12, 2011

Trial Run Number One....

So I am feeling sorta conflicted: both excited, but sad. You see, e is on a sleep-over with her grandparents (my in-laws) in preparation and practice for the big day...Which is looming by the way!

E hasn't been on a sleep-over since last August. That's like years in a toddler's/infant's world. So I was leery of this whole thing.

I figured, though, that we should do some trial runs before we abruptly drop her off at the in-laws for a day or two and then return with a child. She might find that sort of change a bit more traumatic.

Parents abandon then return with alien child.

Not sure if this approach is correct. What do you think? 

We are thinking of trying one more trial run so that again, once we do drop her off for the longer duration, she will feel less upheavaled. It will be like another fun trip to the in-law's.

I dunno.

I worry tremendously about this transition for e. She's been my world since her conception. I love her more than words. And I know that the introduction of siblings does change children and sometimes not for the better...

I just always want her to feel loved and treasured and in many ways the center of our world...just not the only center, I guess...

Change is very tough on me - always has been (even though I do try to be a flexible person who does grow and change rather than being a boring stick in the mud) - it does, though, take me away from my comfort zone.

So, as excited as I am to meet this mini-baby inside of me, I am nervous to go through this next phase of upset and crazy flux.

Lord give me strength - and a husband who will help me balance the two children and the daily routines!



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