May 28, 2012

Change is a Good Thing...

So, I've been on the edge a lot lately. A LOT. Around me, circulating quite quickly, is the air of change. It's something else, my friends.

It's sort of overwhelming me a bit, in fact.

Last week I learned that my daycare provider is ready to move on with her life, which means that my children, whom I hate leaving at the best of times, are now losing the mommy-figure they've known since age 1 for e, and 4 months for dr. b. And the idea of this hurts me for several reasons. I was actually quite shocked at my own reaction to this, in all honesty; like all other relationships in life, there were times I thought maybe the provider was not a good fit.

But now? Well now I have no choice.

My children have only ever been left with her. I entrusted her. That's a huge statement. And now, I must find someone new. It's emblematic of my children growing up; of time marching on; of life ever-changing.

And I have cried several tears over this fact.

I have to get used to the fact that no matter what, we are all growing up. My babies will have to get used to someone new and I will have to get used to this transient life - their transient life.

Can you imagine me on their first day of school? Oh GOD. I just want to envelop them in my arms and keep them near me always.

But I cannot.

And now this truth is becoming glaringly more evident.

And I will have to either quit with the tears or I am not sure how I am going to deal with all of life's other surprises.

Anyone else finding change hard?

May 23, 2012

Precious Times

Or, Precious Moments:). E is loving mommy again these days. Seems she's ever a daddy's girl - but today, she was all mommy's! She even wanted me to cuddle her to sleep. How lucky am I? Seriously. I get to be home with my little ones every other day and I get to watch them develop and even be part of the process. I feel so so blessed. And cuddling e for five minutes before she falls to sleep? The best time spent.

I love mommy-hood!

May 9, 2012

Three and Trying....

e is three. Is she ever. We've been really persisting with the potty-training with her. And she handles it pretty well, I'd say. I do wish, though, that I could climb inside her mind and really understand what's going on in there developmentally. When she accidentally pees in her clothing, I wonder if she understands what's happened, or if it's just a natural, carnal behaviour that we are trying to break?

The peeing messes are not the main subject of this post, mind-you...The real topic is the three year old e and all the new-found attitude hat is beginning to surface...

Don't tell jb, but the other night e peed on his favourite Moroccan rug. She had told me she had to pee, and she was still wearing her 'nap pull-up'. I was so excited that she chose to, rather than pee in the pullup, tell me she wanted to go on the potty, that I hurriedly started to take off her diaper and get her to the potty.

Well, as I am pulling off the pull-up, she is peeing right there. Just like that.

I might have accidentally lost it.

Then e lost it.

(She is, by the way, thoroughly becoming a daddy's girl. She begins to wail and beg for daddy. Little does she know that in situations like this, I am the lamb and jb is the lion. For real. He cannot handle pee messes - poop messes - vomit - spills... You know...)

And then she stomps off to her room, inconsolable. She yells at me in utter anger, 'MOMMY YOU MEAN! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!' and then she wails and wails in a high pitched tone stating and restating that SHE WANTS DADDY.

And of course, drama me (we all know she comes by her emotions honestly), thinks to myself, in my own melodrama moment, that I was the one who laboured for 18 hours with her. I was the one who suffered through her acid reflux and rocked her colicky self for hours on end. I was the one....

Me . 



But didn't I already know that daddy was the knight in shining armour and I would likely be the evil, wicked, step mother figure:)...

Oh to be the fun one:)!


Melodrama over.

For another day.

Can we all imagine this house in ten years? Oh man. There isn't a house big enough to fit both divas...

April 17, 2012

Thrilling Three?

E has come into her own. For real. She's just a gem of a girl. She's peeing on the potty. She's playing games like 'What time is it Mr. Wolf' with five year old kids and managing, she's going into the pool without me. I am in awe. Remember when she was my baby? Yah. Me too. My heart hurts all the time.

She is so excited to see babies now. She loves them. And yet, I still think of her as my little baby.

Time flies, people. Like whip-lash. And it hurts:)

No kidding, Nazareth just came on the TV. fitting, non?

Until next time - let's squeeze our babies tight!

April 1, 2012

Here is my new tips for perfect lips!:


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