December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well, another Christmas has passed, and it was pretty special. I always find the season to be a reflective time; and this year is no exception. I was thinking about how much it is a time for children, and how lucky we are to be surrounded by little ones who are brimming with hope, charisma, energy, vitality and LIFE!

My e, of course, was that: a tea brimming over in everything excitement...

She now knows who Santa is (though she doesn't yet understand the Christmas Eve visit, the cookies and milk, or the naughty and nice list). She just knows that there's a fat man in red named, Danta (she cannot really pronounce her s's yet - unless the word ends in s, in which case, she slurs and lisspppppppps her s's)!

What she is extremely good at this season, compared to last, is opening presents. I believe her daycare must have taught her this new talent, as she wasn't even very good at it at her first birthday or her baptism.

But she'd been practicing, that much was evident on Christmas as she professionally opened all her gifts, all her dad's gifts, and all my gifts. You see, every present under the tree is a present for Her! Didn't you know that?


And along with amusing us with her present-unwrapping expertise, e did not disappoint when it came to her present reactions. She was in awe of every gift she received. I can only hope she is always just as happy with everything she receives (or we are all as good at giving, whichever may be the true reason for her happy reactions)! 

With every gift she opened, she would just stare - look at us in disbelief and then point: 'Dora! Dora!' (Since all her gifts, but a few, were all of her favourite obsession, Dora the Explorer.

She was alight from morning until night from Christmas Eve until Boxing Day night.

By that point, however, she was done. She'd been run to both grandparent's houses twice, had only been home long enough to sleep, and certainly only ate snack foods and junk for about 48 hours or so.

She was done done done.

And so were we.

We have the next week to just soak up our time with e all on our own - and give her the ever earned attention she deserves before we head back to work and to the busy, regimented lives we lead...

Until then, I hope this note finds everyone doing the same with their children: doting, hanging out, soaking up the season's sentiment.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December 3, 2010


Let me set the scene:

It's Friday night. I just walked in from our staff Christmas dinner. It's eight o'clock. The T.V. is on, but no J.B. I go up to his 'man'den, but no J.B.

I go to our room and still, no J.B.

And so, lastly, my heart sinks, thinking oh, no. He must be in e's room trying to get her to sleep. NO NO NO!

I open the door to my babe's room, and there, on the floor, is J.B. Fast asleep.

And there in the crib is e. Fast asleep.

And happy mommy gently closes the door and thanks God for small miracles like a night to herself!!!

woop woop!

And so, an update. It's been nearly two weeks since my four hour escapade with little e, and things, I dare say, may be looking up.

I fear letting down my guard too soon, mind you; but so far, so good.

Monday night, she slept until five thirty and when I went in, I laid her back down, I laid down, and back to sleep she went. No arguing or crying to be picked up.

Tuesday night through until the following Wednesday night? e slept from seven until seven. Yes. For eight straight nights, I, SB, have for the first time in 20 months, been permitted to sleep through the night...

I was beginning to get giddy - imagining how I will feel when I get full night's sleeps for the next four months before the next babe arrives!!!

And I let my guard was Wednesday night.  Over a week later. I thought, truly, that I was out of the woods....

I even permitted myself to stay up until 10pm....

And then e did it to me: she woke up that night at one am and then again at five. Both times I laid her down, then laid me down. At three she was UPSET and took a long time to settle herself, so I just fell asleep there on the floor.

And then when I got up and went to my bed at three, I got myself another full two hours before the next big cry..

I felt doomed. 

NO NO NO, I thought; I cannot CANNOT go through another full night of crying and training and and and...and I need my sleep.

This is not fair!!!!

I felt I was a bad parent and that I'd failed at this sleep training task.

I thought the wonderful sleep spell was broken for good...

But then, last night, she slept through again.

Thank God.

So, here's to hoping that things continue continuing on. Let's all pray for three good months of sleep for me before I lose all hopes of full nights again for likely another year or two!!!

On that note: 8:19. jb is sleeping soundly. e is sleeping soundly.

seems like a good idea to me!


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