August 31, 2010

The Fresh Smell of Paint and Waxed Floors....

Oh how I love the week before school. I have my classroom to myself; it's like my very own office. So quiet. So at peace. The calm - before the storm!

I was born loving to organize. That doesn't mean that I am good at organization or that it comes naturally to me. It means I was born loving to try to be organized. And during the quiet week before school, that is what I do.

I sharpen pencils, number and label erasers, books and jacket hooks.

I reorganize my cupboards, my bulletin boards, my units.

And then I plan. I create. I have TIME to be creative. I don't have marking and extra-curricular and student needs to distract me this week.

Being in the classroom, in preparation mode, makes me salivate and feel the excitement of September: which, by the way, has always been my favourite time of year since childhood: the promise of a new year, and all the possibilities it holds...

Only this year I won't be buying new school clothes in anticipation and commemoration; rather, I will be growing into my old maternity clothes -- since, yep, indeeedy, I am nearly 12 weeks prego.

And so it begins, a new year cycle, and the developing of another life....

Life is pregnant with possibilities!

ha ha!

August 25, 2010

The Social Scene

Ten years ago, when I was out in public and was interested in engaging in conversations with strangers, I would first introduce myself, and ask the person his/her name. Then I'd say hi, tell the person my major, my ambitions; you know, all the important me things that someone new might want to know.

Today when I am out in public and am interested in engaging in conversations with strangers, I ask them how old theirs is...what does she like to eat? does she sleep well? And then I'd ask the stranger her child's name...

And MAYBE before we leave our location (park, playground, pool, splashpad, library, store, etc.), I MAY remember to introduce MYSELF and ask said stranger what HER name is.

Interesting phenomenon? I think so.

(and yes, I still have a name, ambitions, dreams, etc.) ... I just sometimes forget:!

August 19, 2010

16 Month old Boss of the House.

Oh you parents out there already know this. Yup. I have not been the boss since e was born, but her reign is becoming ever more apparent with every passing day. Me thinks the summer vacay and the very individualized and unabashadly adoring attention she has thus received from her shameless mother have made my child spoiled.

Make that SPOILED.

Yup e wants what she wants when she wants it and if no, then temper tantrum will ensue. Oh yes. No matter where or with whom. Be prepared.

Today at play date she practically mopped the floor with her tears. I searched high and low for a 'slippery when wet' sign so as to not get our asses sued.

And tonight at our family dinner outting, she decided (an hour earlier than planned) that by gumbo, it was time to go home.

She marched on over to me. Bullied me to pick her up. Turned to our hosts and waved. Then she said ba-bye.

I thought she was being cute and coy, so I foolishly tried to put her down, and she dug into me, claws, feet, legs, with all her might. 

And she screeched.

I look emploriningly at my friends, and hope that she is not the sole reason they have no children...

And then, when I finally unpry her, she continues to cry, stomps to the door and bangs on it. 

There was no cue more obvious.

She wanted to go home N.O.W.

And if we did not follow suit. Well our dinner date was ended regardless: as far as she was concerned, her way or hell to pay.

But I love her. And I chalk it up to her independent, albeit belligerent, spirit.

And I do hope it only half turns my friends off (the less disgusted the better), and that they all aren't commenting on how they raise or would raise their children to behave better.

Ah, e - you make my life interesting.

(We won't even get into the food she whipped all over our friend's nice, white carpets.)...Maybe if they reconsider their child-less status, they might reconsider the white carpeting...

A thought.

August 8, 2010

Family Vacation

I just came back from family vacation and it was so special! I cannot describe how monumental it was to me. I sat back and observed as I was the mother in a family who were on their vacation. The whole focus and feel of my holidays has changed and I would say it's changed for the better!

My definition of fun has changed.

There was a time when jb and I would go to the cottage and binge drink and get into regular ol' young people chinanigans and we had a blast...

I loved those trips.

Stay up late, sleep in and then laze on the beach.

Now, it's to bed early, up early, and if e lets me have an hour on the beach (chasing after her, not lazing), then I am one lucky lady.

But to watch her awe. 

To take her to G. Bend and have her play with other young kids in the splash pad. To take her to the various parks and perks of B. Field and watch her in pure bliss - well that is more fun than anything I've experienced before.

Regardless of the fact that I slept like shit (seems I'm a bit of a homebody) - I was rejuvinated and motivated to be up and out every day on a new adventure with jb and e.

Our family.

Our outings.

Our adventures.

And the new stories we are writing along the way.

I think of how I get to relive childhood again.

The cycle of life.

What a gorgeous and motivating natural occurence.

And now, to bed. For a good night's sleep in my own bed.

For going away is amazing, but coming home to the comfort of our own house, has also pleased the b family to no end...

Good night!


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