August 31, 2010

The Fresh Smell of Paint and Waxed Floors....

Oh how I love the week before school. I have my classroom to myself; it's like my very own office. So quiet. So at peace. The calm - before the storm!

I was born loving to organize. That doesn't mean that I am good at organization or that it comes naturally to me. It means I was born loving to try to be organized. And during the quiet week before school, that is what I do.

I sharpen pencils, number and label erasers, books and jacket hooks.

I reorganize my cupboards, my bulletin boards, my units.

And then I plan. I create. I have TIME to be creative. I don't have marking and extra-curricular and student needs to distract me this week.

Being in the classroom, in preparation mode, makes me salivate and feel the excitement of September: which, by the way, has always been my favourite time of year since childhood: the promise of a new year, and all the possibilities it holds...

Only this year I won't be buying new school clothes in anticipation and commemoration; rather, I will be growing into my old maternity clothes -- since, yep, indeeedy, I am nearly 12 weeks prego.

And so it begins, a new year cycle, and the developing of another life....

Life is pregnant with possibilities!

ha ha!


  1. Ahhhhh I can't wait to have my own classroom :)

    I haven't quite made it public yet, but I'm changing careers soon and getting my teaching degree for Language Maine! I can't freaking wait. Like you, organizing is in my genes.

  2. Anonymous1.9.10

    Oh S, congratulations!!! That is so absolutely lovely.

    I can't believe your summer vacation is almost done. Hope it was an amazing time with little E and hubby.


  3. Anonymous9.9.10

    every day i hope for a new blog entry! thank you for apeasing the masses!! best wishes for back to school and best wishes for lil' e being lil' miss independent again!

    p.s. melissa, i went to maine for teacher's college-- it was awesome!!!!!

  4. dudes, thanks for your comments. and e is getting more used to the idea of being little miss independent!


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