August 25, 2010

The Social Scene

Ten years ago, when I was out in public and was interested in engaging in conversations with strangers, I would first introduce myself, and ask the person his/her name. Then I'd say hi, tell the person my major, my ambitions; you know, all the important me things that someone new might want to know.

Today when I am out in public and am interested in engaging in conversations with strangers, I ask them how old theirs is...what does she like to eat? does she sleep well? And then I'd ask the stranger her child's name...

And MAYBE before we leave our location (park, playground, pool, splashpad, library, store, etc.), I MAY remember to introduce MYSELF and ask said stranger what HER name is.

Interesting phenomenon? I think so.

(and yes, I still have a name, ambitions, dreams, etc.) ... I just sometimes forget:!


  1. Anonymous26.8.10

    Isn't it funny how our priorities change over time? Funny. Is it easier to talk about the little ones than ourselves?


  2. hahaha cute post! I can't say I'm in that situation yet, but I imagine it's because your priorities have changed immensely :)


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