January 13, 2010

The Problem of the Day


I made the realization today that my daughter is now officially b-o-r-e-d. At nine and a half months she is already learning what it is to be bored? What the? Although I know this was a predominant state for me as a child, (come on, I lived in a small town with one intersection and a corner store!)I didn't think babies got bored. Well, another case of ignorant new mother.

So I decided, I know, of course! What does every girl love to do when she is bored?...

She loves to shop!

Okay, maybe not all females do, but the ones I associate with do!

So, I thought, some visual stimuli for my little E would be just awesome! To the mall we go! Yippee for mom and daughter -- our first fun outing doing girly things! In my head I started to fantasize about our first spa day--getting massages and gossiping about our exciting lives; or our first manicure--chatting about what some stupid boy (or husband) did or said; our first time together at the hairstylists...Oh boy! This was going to be great fun!

Umm not so much. Even though she got a brand new ensemble (she will be outfitted from head to toe!!!), and she got to look at all the fun outfits and toys, she was still bored!

Turns out she not only needs visual stimulation, she needs physical too. I just cannot make this girl happy today!!! (Can anyone say Diva much?!) My mom says that kids need to learn they do not rule, so I try to not take it personally or give in to her desire to get out of the umbrella stroller!

Sigh. I guess I will have to wait a few more years before we have true mother daughter days.

The problem remains unsolved.

Little E does not like to make it easy, that`s for sure! After spending the last few days scouring the Net for ideas on how to feed my little princess (that was the last week`s problem of the day), I now need to start my new search on how to entertain Miss E (if you`re nasty!)!*

I wonder what tomorrow`s problem of the day will be? Well, at least she doesn`t let me get too comfortable or bored.

*reference to Janet Jackson's song, Control,from the '80's.


  1. Trish14.1.10

    too funny. what she needs is what all kids in this generation need to keep 'busy':
    1. iPhone
    2. iPod
    3. Unlimited texting
    4. PVR
    5. Wii
    etc. etc.

  2. totally! I was thinking the same thing. I was like, if only she could control a DS...my problems would be solved!


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