January 13, 2010

Karl Jung and Stuff

When I was in uni I loved to read about dreams and archetypes and stuff. The idea of the Collective Unconscious and that we all see similar symbols in our dreams (regardless of demographic, race, or continent), astounded me. Like the old carvings on the cave walls…(well, maybe). Like a dove meaning peace or a snake meaning evil…blah blah blah. Or, to me, like the dream of losing my teeth, someone pulling them out, or me grinding them all until they crumble. Apparently this is my fear of aging. Or the one where I am running but not getting anywhere…not actually sure what this one means. I am sure it’s some sort of control thing!

So I was just wondering then what it means when I always dream of losing my hubby – to another woman or divorce or death…Seriously, this has been my recurrent dream since we met. Maybe I have ‘issues’…But I swear we all have this dream. It must be some sort of archetype!! I think it is more to do with the realization that life is unpredictable, that we are mortal, and that I cannot control life or others *shit!! –gotta hate that! Or maybe, once again, we can blame it all on hormones…When I was pregnant this dream became even more intense and real!

What do you dream about???

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