January 13, 2010

What a Mother am I!

My Exceptional Parenting!

So I was minding my own, eating my yummy peanut butter and ryvita crackers, knowing that E was safely playing with the laces on J.'s shoes. But then I realized it was very quiet (one minute of pure silence is simply too long!!!). So, I peak around the corner into the hall, no E. Look in the bathroom. No E. My heart has sunk. Fear and panic begin to rise with a little urgency. I think to myself, she cannot be hurt, she didn't make a sound?! Then I peak up the stairs. She was at the top of the stairs!!! How in the heck??!!! Whoops. It would have been really bad if she'd fallen. Apparently she no longer needs to be supported up the stairs! Good to know!

Bad parenting example number two:

I roughhouse with little E. I flip her upside down and roll on the floor with her. You'd think she were too young, but she loves loves loves it. I swear! Well, my nails are officially too long. In my excitement, I went to grab for her hand, and sliced a good gouge out of her skull with my nail instead. Like scab worthy. My hands are now my weapons.

So I am feeling pretty good about myself as a top notch parent today! Please do not tell my husband!

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