January 14, 2010

Tragic Irony...

Photo Credit: http://www.joblo.com/newsimages1/1hayek-cleavage3.jpg

Or, one of Life's little Unfair Jokes,
Or, a Conundrum. You decide.
Warning: this may be Too Much

So, when breasts are at their seriously finest, most perkiest, uplifted and gorgeous, (and bountiful) is when they are full of milk. So isn't it ironic* (don't ya think), that this is when they are off limits to our mates?!

Just a thought.

*Alanis Morrissette's song in which she misused the word ironic entirely.


  1. Anonymous15.1.10

    In addition, over the many months of pregnancy and breastfeeding we get used to having our perky new friends around. After having a baby, they may be the only thing that saves you from having a fit if you make the mistake of looking at yourself in the mirror coming out of the shower.
    You and your partner start to believe that is what your breasts look like. Thus, the tragedy continues when you stop breastfeeding and are left with "normal" breasts. Sadly, "normal" breasts in someone over the age of 25 do not stand alone in a little tank-top. Nor do they have implant-like roundness or the firmness of an under-ripe melon.

  2. ha ha...very true! until plastic surgery that is!


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