August 8, 2010

Family Vacation

I just came back from family vacation and it was so special! I cannot describe how monumental it was to me. I sat back and observed as I was the mother in a family who were on their vacation. The whole focus and feel of my holidays has changed and I would say it's changed for the better!

My definition of fun has changed.

There was a time when jb and I would go to the cottage and binge drink and get into regular ol' young people chinanigans and we had a blast...

I loved those trips.

Stay up late, sleep in and then laze on the beach.

Now, it's to bed early, up early, and if e lets me have an hour on the beach (chasing after her, not lazing), then I am one lucky lady.

But to watch her awe. 

To take her to G. Bend and have her play with other young kids in the splash pad. To take her to the various parks and perks of B. Field and watch her in pure bliss - well that is more fun than anything I've experienced before.

Regardless of the fact that I slept like shit (seems I'm a bit of a homebody) - I was rejuvinated and motivated to be up and out every day on a new adventure with jb and e.

Our family.

Our outings.

Our adventures.

And the new stories we are writing along the way.

I think of how I get to relive childhood again.

The cycle of life.

What a gorgeous and motivating natural occurence.

And now, to bed. For a good night's sleep in my own bed.

For going away is amazing, but coming home to the comfort of our own house, has also pleased the b family to no end...

Good night!


  1. Anonymous8.8.10

    This is absolutely lovely S. I'm glad your little family had such a great time.

    One of the wonderous things about life is that just when we think we have it all figured out and know who we are with no room for surprises...we find a new part of ourselves and suddenly see the world with all new eyes.

  2. Anonymous9.8.10

    So happy to read about your soul-satisfying trip to one of my favourites parts of the world. I'm sure E absolutely loved playing at the beach and splash pad. Sounds like so much fun. Hope you had a cone or two at dairy dip. The summer has flown by here. Way tooooo much stuff to juggle.


  3. f.i.g - thanks for the comments - it's true and awesome how we can keep surprising ourselves - no old misers here!

    le - miss you so much. your absence is very much felt you busy girl!

  4. I'm so glad you're back...and so am I! I missed your blog/blogging! More posts soon, please :)


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