March 25, 2010

Thirsty Thursdays (6)

Welcome to the sixth installment of Thirsty Thursdays! Every week I will select a wine and review it. (There will be no consistent rhyme or reason for picking the wine; presume I chose each bottle on a whim. And, no, I am not receiving compensation for these reviews). I will rate the wine on a four glass rubric because a properly poured glass of wine is 6.25 oz, ensuring that each 750 ml bottle fills four glasses. (This haphazard logic makes sense, right?!)…

I am amazed I am doing a review this week, because my head is spinning - I am close to anxious, but am fighting it with all my might. Because. I. am. in. control. So far...

A reminder in how one should taste her wine:
A proper Wine Tasting starts with smelling the wine. This process looks ridiculous! You take a brief first sniff, then pull the glass away and swirl it like a snob, (look for legs, viscosity, colour, etc.) then stick your big noggin right in there and inhale like it’s your last breath. And THEN you take the first sip, and pull it through your teeth. Also looks ridiculous! Swallow. (Sounds obvious I know…).Take your second sip. During this sip, you swoosh the wine like it is toothpaste you’re trying to wash out of your mouth. Please don’t spit it out, though, unless there’s a bucket and you’re expected to! Finally, that third sip you hold on to and savor – and finally…swallow. It is this final sip that tells for sure if the wine is going to be good.

 McManis Petite Sirah.

The only red wine better, in my humblest of opinions, than McManis Cabernet? McManis Petit Sirah! Oh Man. Does this wine have some major tastes going on. It packs a whole lot into one little sip, let me tell you! It is so yummy it dances on your tongue. Seriously!!!

As I've said before, The Petite Sirah is a YUMMY full bodied red wine with a sweet and spicy aroma and a hint of cherry in its finish. While its name indicates its relation to the Sirah, it is a very different grape variety. I have read that the Petite Sirah is, contrary to its name, a very bold wine.  And the McManis? Is very very bold. I think I might just have a crush on bold wines, actually! I am such a big fan. They aren't shy. They just are who they are. And this Petite Sirah is unabashedly sweet with a nice little tobacco-y hue.

Region: Northern Interior of California

Price Point: $10.99 USD

Tasting Notes: directly from the McManis Website:
  • The 2006 Petite Sirah is deep purple in color with a bright hue. The nose is of jammy Boysenberry intertwined with Creme brulee and a subtle smokiness. Dense ripe fruit flavors are abundant. The finish is long and succulent. 
I also found this: The color of the 2008 Petite Sirah is of concentrated purple, with a youthful bright hue. The nose of the wine is full of ripe Blackberry, Boysenberry aromas, which are accompanied by Mocha and hints of brown sugar. The berry aromas of the nose are also evident in the flavor, when the rich, full bodied wine enters the mouth. Notes of milk chocolate and anise linger, long after swallowing. (shopriteliquors).

Food Pairings: works well with hearty red meats - but I would also say it would be great with a creamy and chocolate-y dessert.

I am going to commit copyright infringement, here, but I feel I must. I would say that this wine is the little black dress wine. You know those nights when you just feel you want to get all dolled up and go somewhere with dim lighting and a smoldering atmosphere - ? I am sure you are well acquainted with the nights -- when you feel like being downright sexy and vamp-y for your man..

That's what this wine is. *It could even be your red lipstick because it is that bold and that sexy.  Not for the tame, this wine. Oh no.

So slip into that sexy dress. Confidently apply that red lipstick. And dominantly grab your partner by the hand and tell him he is taking you for a night on the town. And for his generosity and willingness to oblige? Oh, he WON'T be sorry...

Enjoy responsibly.

Rating: 4 out of four red wine/ Petite Sirah goblets  - YES. It is THAT GOOD! 

*And I truly believe every woman needs to own for herself a proper red lipstick. Oh yes.

p.s. this is for you anonimo: So jb and I are watching March Madness tonight. And a player by the name of Isaiah Thomas comes on the screen. And I say 'Boy. He's been playing for a LOOONG time'. Then jb gives me the 'Oh SB, seriously?!' look. And I'm like, wha? and I say - 'Oh, this is COLLEGE FOOTBALL, right? I get it!' And then he's like...'Um no' giving me an even sorrier look than the previous. And I'm like, what did I say wrong now? 'It's not football SB'...

oh. yah. right. good point! 

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  1. Anonymous26.3.10

    oh, sb that's hilarious!! nothing like some great red to enjoy with some great hoops action! what games did you watch?! i fell asleep during double overtime and i have no idea what happened.. (between xavier and k.state). im feeding baby s now and so tired. sleepies well, my sweet!
    p.s. every single morning i say, i will nap when she naps and i will go to bed early and then the afternoon comes and there is so much to accomplish and in the evening there is so much pvr tv to watch with hubby!! :S
    p.p.s. looking forward to hearing about your wednesday...


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