March 24, 2010

woah dudes....
I just had a petite taste of how it's gonna feel to go back to work full time. 

And let me tell YOU.

I'm in trouble. 

I could have gone to bed at eight thirty that is how tired I am.

And now it is almost ten thirty.

I am trying so desperately to grip the last moments I have left...with all. my. might....


I best go to sleep.

Long days of house cleaning and party planning ahead.

To my new taggers: tomorrow my friends - I will be back in action.

zzzzzzzzzz. now to get up enough energy to brush my teeth before I face plant.

Good night all.


  1. Oh you poor thing...I hope you rest well. I know that feeling-one night I fell asleep at 7:15 on the couch. Mr. Lipstick sent me to bed without my laptop!

  2. It's exhausting. Honestly.

  3. best of luck!!! :)


Thanks for your thoughts!


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