January 22, 2010

Tonight, Tonight - Hope for Haiti

Tonight George Clooney, Anderson Cooper, and Wyclef Jean will host the Hope For Haiti Telethon, boasting quite the celebrity line-up. It airs on almost all Networks. Obviously this event is not the only way people are showing support for Haiti after their earthquakes. It is awesome, though, that the entertainment world, with all its influence, is coming together and taking time to do something for someone other than themselves.

I haven't really talked about Haiti's disaster because it's just so sad. I was watching television last night and saw several clips of starving children, and people in very dire medical situations. It breaks my heart and I wonder why this happens (at all), but particularly to a country that is already strained.

Anyhow, it is great that Canada for Haiti and Hope for Haiti are airing and that so many celebrities are involved. The telethon exemplifies how the world really can come together and help a country in need when we really want to. Too bad it had to take such a catastrophe to motivate us all...

So tonight I will watch some of the somber realities I've avoided facing. While it is good to not always focus on the world's upsets, it is important that we realize what is happening and what we can do to help.

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  1. I've been watching this all night...the story of what happened to Haiti just breaks my heart :(


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