January 16, 2010

Feeding Problems--I'm blogging it out! GRRRR.

Almost since little E was born, her eating has been a major ordeal. She wouldn't take a bottle from about three months. She no longer nursed. We struggled and struggled. At four months her doc says put her on solids! yippee, solution!


At nine and a half months little girly just could care less about nourishing herself AT ALL. '
But babies will not starve themselves'To that I say BAH! You say that after spending twelve hours with my daughter. Her two bites of cereal and fruit this morning is sure to sustain her. That and her three ounces of formula. Yup. That's enough to help her grow big and strong...

Everyday I try new foods, new approaches and everyday I get rejected. With all the patience I have managed to sustain (for the most part), each new rejection is a big blow.

In every other way my baby girl is a dream. She's a true heart breaker. But when it comes to trying to keep her thriving, that is a major challenge. No exaggeration.

I feel a bit better now...Until lunch time anyway!


  1. Anonymous16.1.10

    anyone who makes such a comment is
    I-G-N-O-R-A-N-T and they themselves have just never had to deal with a non-eating child. do they really think a BABY knows that food=grow big and strong?? no, a little baby does not. further, if they had reflux at any stage then they perhaps remember that after i eat, my food comes back up and hurts me, so i dont want to eat... i obviously dont know what to tell you as this is a daily struggle at our home too (you know who i am)! keep doing what you're doing.. i dont know what else to tell you and neither do the "feeding specialists" :p

  2. ah anonymous, I know you well! i am creating crazy concoctions in hopes of coercing her to eat! I will be posting them -- check them out!
    hope you're enjoying a lazy saturday!


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