January 28, 2010

An Ode To Sleep


Dearest sleep, remember when we were one?
Spending hours together, we had so much fun!
It did not matter the time of day,
We would meet up, regardless, and have our way.

But now you've moved along,
And I wonder, what did I do wrong?
You're like an intangible ghost,
That I can only catch for a few hours at most.

Why did you leave me stranded, without?
You've gone for someone younger and more fun, no doubt!
You are the fickle love of my life,
And your teasing cuts to the core like a knife.

Remember the days we spent together from midnight until two pm?
When it didn't matter what else was happening?
We were committed to one another, you and I...
Now we're strangers, rarely together we lie.

It is because I am with child that you feel cheated, right?
Like all my attention is her's, for it you must fight?
Oh sleep, I am sorry I've left you feeling so scorned.
You're both dear to me, it is I who am forlorn.

Every other day you tease me with promises of time together,
Eight hours of uninterrupted, pure bliss, you swear!
But then you once again leave me alone and without...
These black eyes and foggy brain are your fault, no doubt.

Sleep I miss you more than you could ever know...
Your time with me is so brief, maybe two hours or so!
I tell you, these choppy, infrequent visits are a tease,
Stay for good this time, I'm begging -- Please!

Dearest slumber, what more can I say?
I'll be true to you no matter what other obstacles threaten to get in our way.


  1. hahahaha beautiful. sleep is my favourite past time :)

  2. Anonymous29.1.10

    No -- not foggy brain! That's the worst. Beautifully written, Bella.



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