January 27, 2010

Creamy, Crusty, Melt in my Mouth...


I have made a very important, pertinent, extremely life-altering realization today. Crusty Italian loaf, or a good French baguette, heated just so, is better to me than chocolate. Yes. It's true. I think it may even be better than ice cream!!! Oh the way it melts in my mouth, and crunches just so perfectly...and tastes so buuuttterry and doughy....Oh wow. It might even be better than.........no. wait. not quite.


  1. Anonymous27.1.10

    I wholeheartedly agree. Happiness is warm baguette with slabs of butter. (Wine optional).


  2. oh no. wine not ever optional. mandatory! mmmm...

  3. hi SB,
    i love anything that made from flour.. =p

    i realize you subscribe my another blog (i am darlyn).thanks..that one is particularly about my boring life..haha..

  4. Anonymous28.1.10

    hubby and i gave up bread for a month and it made the world of a difference in our waist line.. but, oh, i will return to that gorgeous white bread phenomenon! my favourite is portuguese bread!!


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