January 26, 2010

My Blog is My Gym...


We have the same ambivalent relationship. Seriously. For instance, when I started out this whole blogging thing, I was on a roll, I was up night and day just writing like I'd not written in years. The ideas were just rushing in! What adrenaline! I was full speed ahead, all in baby!

I have the same approach with the gym. When I get the urge to start out my new workout regiment, again, (a story for another time) - (for instance, on January 1 EVERY YEAR) I am very very determined and committed. And I wonder how I ever left. Oh how the endorphins are just so addictive. Why did I ever stop? The first week I am exhilarated, amazed at my new resolve. And then during week two I start to slow down, just a bit. Still pleased with myself, but starting to think the bed is slightly more attractive...especially since the results are just not showing the way they should! By week three and onward I am full stop at the question: What is the point? And done.

Anyhow, I blather...

The point being that the first week was a super high getting this blog going. Even the second week was pretty amazing, learning how to design it, getting tips from great bloggers such as Beth, Melissa, or Jenn...And the new friends!!! I got great feedback at first and that helped drive my want to write. But then a day would go by and maybe I got nothing, not a comment, or a hit...and I would think, boy that bed sure looks attractive.

You get it.

But why?? I think I must have a problem with discipline, or maybe attentiveness, or maybe a need for immediate gratification, or feedback. Actually, I think it's really immaturity...Whatever it is, it is.

But the moment I start to feel too down or that maybe I should just stop (
who wants to read sappy stuff about E?!), someone throws me a bone. I get a new follower (welcome dArLyn), or receive a fun award, thanks Aubrey (Stacey)! And I am back.

Sad but true. I am hoping this is not simply a negative attribute that only I possess. I am hoping I can cop out a little and blame it on the human condition...?!

Regardless. I am really hoping that I can write for the sake of writing...ha! Don't we all just want an audience?!...no?

p.s. blogging rhymes with jogging! do you suppose they both will provide the same results? Six pack here I come!


  1. Anonymous27.1.10

    this is hilarious to me!! i just finished leaving you another message elsewhere about a class at the gym and then i come here and see your latest entry!! whoops!! haha.. how do you look so great if you dont exercise? can i have what she's having?

  2. Anonymous27.1.10

    I think it's the thrill of beginnings. Of starting things. Beginnings are gorgeous and intoxicating. I love them too...

  3. Anonymous27.1.10

    It's the same for me and working on my dissertation. Every time I re-start the writing process, I vow not to stop until IT'S DONE. But, over the past 2 years, I have abandoned it for all sorts of reasons like working, getting married, and moving. Sure, I had some pretty good reasons, but I was still left with The Unfinished Dissertation hanging over my head. That's why on 1 January 2010, I decided that now was the time to really do it. To sit down every day -- no matter what -- and write. My grandmother has told me many times that it takes three weeks to make a new activity or practice in one's life a habit and, hallelujah, I've made it past the three-week mark and I'm still writing. I'm not sure what finally made me sit down and do it. The drive to persevere didn't come from anyone badgering me to finish. It came from me. So here I am.

    As I've expressed before, I love your blog and feel closer to you now than before you started it because I feel more in touch with your thoughts and feelings. So, selfishly, I hope you continue to share your latest feelings and ideas. But, I completely understand if you feel like you have to devote your energies to other things. You have lots of "grown-up" stuff to take care of.

    PS: Speaking for the rest of us out here in cyberspace, we *do* like hearing about E. ;)


  4. yes. the thrill of the beginnings certainly has a lot to do with it. tee hee. and mumsy, I wear very camouflaging clothing:-)! Seriously though I do enjoy the gym...and blogging...just always hitting them lack of motivational days...

    Miss Lara -- you are my hero. Keep plugging away!!! And I agree with your oma, in my experience three weeks seems to be the magic number!

  5. Anonymous28.1.10

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I've been at it since 8am this morning and if I wasn't such a s-l-o-w writer I'd have more than a paragraph to show for it. Alas, maybe after 3+ weeks, my speed will pick up? Fingers crossed.


  6. This is so funny. It reminds me of me...LOL Thanks for the laugh!


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