January 18, 2010

Fattening up my Little Princess

As you are aware (if you've read any of my posts to date), my little angel is adverse to eating. Mostly. She has odd days here and there when she seems totally into food. But they are few. As my father-in-law puts it, she likes to put anything and everything non-food related into her little, curious mouth! To deal with her food foibles I have been getting creative in the baby-basics feeding department. Not only do I need to find foods little E will eat, I need to make sure they are high in fat because, along with being opposed to putting food into her mouth, she is also very impatient, and if I lose that small window of interest, she's done; she will take no more. So, whatever I feed her is high in fat to make up for the inadequate intake. Keep in mind as you read my cardiac-arresting menu, that she is not even 17lbs at nearly ten-month's old, and that fat is what feeds the brain!
(p.s. I wish I could eat like this)

Sample Menu One:

  • custard/rice pudding/cereal creamy mixture. (boiled cream to which I add baby cereal of choice, a small tsp of sugar and vanilla).
  • one cereal cookie. (butter, brown sugar, baking soda and water instead of egg, small amount of flour, and cereal of choice).
  • some sort of fruit.
The cereal is very important for babes as it has 100% iron and they need this to prevent anemia and aid in growth! I would feed it to her the regular way if she would actually take it, but she hates it and will not open her mouth at all for it! After five months, I``ve had to get creative!


  • small, teeny cubes of cheddar or mozzarella cheeze for her to feed herself.
  • an egg yolk, mashed in butter for stickiness so it does not crumble.
  • a piece of toast, or a cracker, with cream cheeze on it. (Usually she licks it and throws it on the floor)...
  • High fat Liberty Mediterranean Yogurt (oh this is to die for)!
  • alfredo pastina. (three egg yolks, one cup of cream, half cup of mozzarella, boil, poor over pasta, and serve...This recipe makes for six servings or so.)--great source of non-heme iron!
  • Veggie of some sort.
I try the little jarred casseroles on her a few times a week and she keeps her mouth shut tighter than a vice!


  • homemade boiled turkey (with skin on), blended with sweet potato and apricots added.
  • try beef with same blend -- she takes two bites then raspberries it into my face.
  • jar beef or chicken hidden in apricots or peaches.
  • veggie of some sort.
  • pasta.
  • crackers or toast for her to play with in hopes she is distracted enough she doesn`t notice me trying to shovel above foods into her petite mouth.
  • custard or fruit for dessert.
With all meals I serve diluted apple juice or a small amount of homo milk!
pps. We also try and get the good fats (omegas and dha`s) into her via salmon and flax oil...ha ha! Who am I kidding? We try and fail miserably!

Most food ends up on the floor -- I could honestly wash it everyday and it would still be a disgusting, crumby, residue - y mess! If only we had a cat or dog to lap it up. Our floor should be fat and have cardiovascular problems at this point.


  1. Anonymous18.1.10

    That sounds like a LOT of work. I LOVE all of Liberty's products. Thank goodness they also offer some less-fattening versions. You could try mixing cooked egg yolks with a bit of Liberty organic plain yogurt instead of butter (though I understand calories are your motivating factor). I use yogurt instead of mayo in egg salad sandwiched and the results are delicious. N loves them. Now I'm hungry for dinner...

    Good luck with E!


  2. it is a bit of work -- but for now it is still fun. it will get old fast, though
    ! especially when i have to go back to work!


Thanks for your thoughts!


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