January 18, 2010

The Golden Globe Awards


Well, the Golden Globes were on last night, and for the first time EVER my husband was totally psyched. Why would he be at all interested in the fashion focused, speech saturated, hoity-toity event? Well because the host is one of the funniest people alive! Seriously -- get his comic cd's that pontificate on life and art. He's funny and smart. So,together husband and wife sat, wine in hands, awaiting in anticipation for the greatest night ever! (I was more interested in the night's fashion). Neither one of us were very concerned about the nominees or winners, mind you! Anyhow, Gervais for the most part, delivered! It was tame, but I bet it had to be -- I bet all his jokes had to be okayed! Ah censorship. He wasn't able to add pizazz into the show. I wonder how he could be expected to carry the G.G's when it is still so focused on speeches and thank-yous? SNORING.

While hubby and I were both pumped and prepared for the two or so hours of viewing, we both lost interest at around the half hour mark. No matter how charismatic and funny Gervais is, the G.G. are still too speech focused. Also, what also made it less interesting was the fact that the nominated films weren't very exciting. UUGH. Oh, and the fashions of the evening were BORING. However, look up Gervais ripping into Mel Gibson -- hilarious.

click here to see R.G.'s past career aspiration! Almost funnier than he is!


  1. Anonymous19.1.10

    We ADORE Ricky Gervais too!! I found him HILARIOUS!! We have about a quarter of the show still to watch.. which seems weird, now that we know who won, but it's the baby.. you know!? My time=Her time

  2. He is super funny...dry British humour...gotta love it! Oh I know about t.v. and childminding...they do not work together at all! lucky you if you have pvr! which i am quite sure you do!


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