January 16, 2010


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So, like many, I am trying to be frugal and smart with my money. This is especially difficult, I have come to learn, for someone like me who truly believes in quality products. However, I am trying to be more practical as I mature, and be more selective about where and how I spend my hard earned government funded pay check. (*mat leave peeps!)

It gets really difficult though, when I have so many loves: food, wine, clothes, shoes, makeup, spa days...And many of these are not just loves, they are in fact needs!

Case in point: one needs to have great hair! Seriously. And I am not one to ignore my needs. So, I have been in quite the existential dilemma these past few months about what is truly important when it comes to my hair. More specifically, I am wondering (and thinking) hard (without trying to strain myself) about both products and stylists.

Okay, so I ask, is it absolutely essential to buy salon products? Will my hair look dull and life-less on say Herbal Essences rather than Sebastian? I have not been able to go back to pharmacy-sold products since I was brainwashed into being completely hooked on professional products some eleven years ago. However, the price difference between the 'professional' versus 'non professional' products is HUGE! Like the salon products are easily fifty percent more!!!! Is it worth it?!!! I guess it is for me and my priorities to choose. I say If buying this product means that my hair will look that much better and my style will last that much longer and look that much more radiant. Then yes yes, yes it is. It is worth the price every time. But does it???

And is it really better to get the two hundred dollar cut and colour at the downtown popular salon, or to go get the seventy dollar jobby at the mall? To wait for three weeks to get into our in-demand stylist, or stop in on a whim whenever we feel like it! Which is the better deal? Which is more important? Will I truly be sacrificing style if I choose to go cheap???

This is seriously a very traumatic, earth-shattering, life changing crossroads I am at; am I mature enough, brave enough, or frugal enough to forgo all the professional, hyped up, commercial items and treatments? Or shall I comfortably remain broke?


  1. Serena,

    I have never used professional products and my haircut that you commented on on Facebook cost me $16.00. Is that any help? LOL

  2. hee hee. well you make very good valid points miss English Teacher!!! That certainly puts things in a whole new perspective!

  3. Anonymous17.1.10

    I have highlighted my hair for years and years. Until only recently I used Pantene. It worked well and my hair smelt nice. I started to use a "high-end" ($28) salon shampoo (coupled with my cheapie Pantene conditioner) and I have noticed a big difference. With the fancy shampoo, I find my hair colour/highlights don't fade as fast. Instead of having to return to the salon every 6-8 weeks for new colour/touch-ups, I can wait up to 3 months. Forking over an extra $20+ for shampoo every 2 months saves me money (and time) at the salon. So I'm happy.

    I fantasize about going back to my natural colour (whatever that is) but I doubt that will ever happen. And, if it does, it will be too late and I'll need to colour my hair for other reasons... ;)


  4. I hear you...

    man these comments are not helping me...fifty fifty!


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