January 22, 2010

The Power of Music

Music can powerfully capture important moments. I am right now still watching the Hope for Haiti telethon and cried during Beyonce's performance of Halo. Maybe I am a sap, or maybe Beyonce is just good at capturing the sentiment? Regardless, the tone for the night has been set: it's perfectly somber, yet hopeful. All the performers are wearing black and grey to show their solidarity, grief, mourning.

Aside from the music's ability to convey the gravity of the situation in Haiti, the catastrophic images of the suffering babies and children orphaned, are also hard to watch. I imagine my own little E, orphaned or suffering for days under rubble, waiting for someone to rescue her.

The stories of families losing their loved ones, no idea who is alive or dead. I cannot imagine. Looking at the young children's faces, the hope in their eyes, all the possibilities meant to be ahead; that is why we must help, for them. That is the message.

Somehow the music captures both the hope and the desperation...what a perfectly orchestrated and appropriately poignant presentation.

**on a more superficial note, what did you think of the outfits and performances? I
loved John Legend, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder. Actually I adored them all. They seriously played some of my favourite songs: Like a Bridge over Trouble Waters, I'll Stand by You, Hallelujah, Like a Prayer to name a few. Yes, yes, I am a sap. I love songs whose sentiment and sound give me the shivers. I will be downloading the performances from itunes!

As for the clothing, I loved that they all wore black and grey (aside from Taylor Swift, whom I bet didn't get the memo...though that's okay, her youth and sweetness made the white outfit equally appropriate). I was not a fan of Madonna's look, however. I really think she's trying too hard to look younger than she is. And the liquid eyeliner does nothing to help with that. And her hair colour and style were just all wrong...It was also quite frizzy?! She makes enough she should not have any issues with her hair. Maybe it's the overly bleached colour that is killing her hair? Oh, and the covering of her aging hands with silly leather gloves? Really, she is not the poster child for aging gracefully...She is gorgeous, but she is trying way too hard. Okay. That's my rant.

ps. Shakira looked gorgeous -- though very very conservative!


  1. Thank you for participating in The Saturday Network!
    I didn't actually watch it, but I've seen some news about this performance. It looks amazing and very inspiring, and my heart definitely goes out to everyone in Haiti! :)

  2. Thanks for the comments, Jenn! Yes, it's so sad...


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