January 29, 2010

What's the deal with Skinny Jeans??


I haven't been able to decide my opinion on the skinny jean fashion trend. I thought it would fade out, like the zipper jean of 1992/1993--or for that matter, the safety pin jean/pant of 1990/1991. But it appears the look has stuck. Hm. And I seriously am unsure of my opinion. I think they're silly and ridiculous on the one hand, because I know that the style will pass sometime soon, so why spend the $100.00 + dollars on them only to have to toss them in two years? Classic cuts is where the value's at! But on the other hand, they do look damn hot with the right boot, top and figure. Sometimes.

I don't know, though. There is something incongruous about the big top, little bottoms. Especially for someone like me who happens to be shaped that way. I have to say, not all that flattering. I was once called--when donning the big sweater little leggings look of 1993--a marshmallow with legs. Is that not what the fashion has become? Okay, maybe not for the lucky few who can wear the skin tight sweater dresses, cinched in perfectly at the waist with a belt, actually showing that there is a figure above the twigs. But the boyfriend jacket on top of the big man-shirt button ups and then the leggings? It's just another version of shoulder pads gone all wrong (think 1980's with the high waisted, pleated, tapered jean)...Too much going on up top, too little on the bottom. Isn't disproportion a fashion no - no? Maybe we all need to have a chat with Stacy London on the topic.

I got to thinking about this crazy trend last week during my lovely weekly outing to the mall. I was minding my own, trying hard not to spend any money, when I saw Jean Machine, and my interest was piqued. I love me a good pair of jeans. So I went in, looking for a nice dark wash, straight leg, dressy jean. I was accosted by the salesclerk (yippee-more compliments for me!!!), and she showed me some jeans she thought would look 'hot' on me. Her words, not mine, I swear!!! I was sold by the simple fact that the jeans' name was actually my name!! They were Mavi S______ skinny jeans. So of course I HAD to try them on! I slid into them and they suctioned themselves snuggly to my legs. They were comfortable, yes. And they did fit (in a small size, too!). But I still looked like a marshmallow with legs! Too much on the top, not enough on the bottom and no matter how great my boots were, people would still think I was going to topple over.

And, actually, a few months earlier, I was shopping at Aritizia and the lovely saleslady there also tried to persuade me into buying some crazy crazy black skinny jeans that looked more like leggings than actual pants. At the time I had thought she was insane for even thinking she could get me into these pants because I was just that out of the loop. I didn't know that everyone was wearing them! But now that I've been out of the house for my once a week ethnographic study of all things mall and shopping, I have come to learn this truth.

It amazes me that the trend seems to beset both the relaxed ladies and those of higher fashion tendencies (and actually some men for that matter)! I wonder...is it going to be like the legging that seems to have had some amazing staying power (it's been probably four years and the leggings are still going strong--Lucky for Lindsay Lohan, I suppose!)? Should I relent and buy me some nice, small, skinny jeans and be one with my marsheemellowness? Or will the look pass when people start realizing that maybe a box atop twigs (or stumps) is not all that flattering? Thoughts?


  1. At least you HAVE skinny legs...some of us are all curvy all over. I refuse to buy them even if I love high boots and no one ever sees mine. I know they are there.

  2. They do go nice with Uggs--although so many argue how ugly Uggs are. Their comfy-ness overides the ugliness. Trust me. But I do agree...all the flowy tops and skinny bottoms do sometimes look a little strange.

  3. Lol, I enjoyed reading your post! As for skinny jeans, err, well I'm a teen so I can say EVERYONE wears them at my school. Or practically everyone. It just somehow goes with Chucks... who knows how long it'll last?

  4. Anonymous29.1.10

    i confidently say that you would look amazing in skinny jeans!! same with leggings for that matter! im loving leggins since having baby.. they're like a dressed up sweat pant!! :p

  5. ha ha...Well, Beth, you're lucky to be proportionate.

    And Lisa/Laura -- Yes, they do look nice with Uggs, and with nice tall black boots, or some good brown boots..ALL boots really!...And they are comfortable...However, I do chat about Uggs in an earlier post...I put them in the same kinda not so sure category:-)...though so many can pull them off beautifully!...and for many ladies, the flowy tops and skinny bottoms is like a gravitational disaster!
    And Jenn -- teens have the perfect stick figures to work this outfit out!
    And mumsy, thanks for your boat of confidence -- I did enjoy the leggings while pregnant!!! With nice boxy jackets...Kinda Janet Jackson'esque a la Control days! (we were equally pudgy!)

  6. I always thought it was the jonas brothers fault the whole big shirt little jeans combo. But really skinny jeans have been around forever! I remember in like 3rd grade I owned a pair and everyone told me they were pencil jeans XP
    But sadly Im guilty of this trend also. But the uggs. I could never find them under my torn up hoop pants. God i love hoop pants. They just arent any good for high school XP

  7. Skinny jeans remind me of mom's jeans but more fashionable. I think they look cute but on thin ppl, imo.... not soOoo much very curvy ppl like myself!!!

    I think most of today's fashion is confusing at first,..... Do I like it? Do I hate it? sort of thing but I enjoy the risk of todays styles!!=)

    Ps... Books at Midnight Sat. networking!!

  8. Thank you for participating in The Saturday Network!
    And just commenting again to say not all teens are stick figures, though it definitely helps. Maybe you could try a belted at the waist top? I'm really bad at this kind of fashion stuff, lol. XD

  9. you're right, not all teens are twigs -- I wasn't. However, you guys can pull it off regardless of size because of your youth!

    and Chastity -- I totally agree, I love the risks that are taken, and it does take time to really get used to certain trends...and an open mind!

  10. Anonymous31.1.10

    Oh, I'm so with you on this one. I think they look absurd on most people. And the people that DO pull them off well, would look even better in another cut of pants...

    Still not as terrible as harem-pants and gladiator sandal-boots thought! *shudder*

  11. i'm a fan of skinny jeans. but to each her own. and I don't think you have to pair a flowy top with skinny jeans. if you know how to work it, i say go for it.


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