April 21, 2011


I've never been one to obsess about the Royal Family (snobby british accent added for emphasis) - (I've even seen the Royal family once, from afar, at Westminster Abby, leaving a mass; I was not all that excited--though the buzz of all the people around me was fun--... - sidebar - even from afar, Charles's ears were very prominent - hilarious!); however, being a 'stay-at-home-mom' these days and nursing for nearly eight hours a day, has made me an avid television watcher - which in turn - has forced me to watch (b/c on t.v., my friends, there is no escaping it) everything Royal Wedding.

I thought that I wasn't really all that influenced or affected by all the information regarding Will and Kate's April 29th nuptials, but apparently I have been. Two nights ago I dreamed that I got a special 'back stage pass' to the ceremony. And not only did I manage that coup, I also got to meet Kate, and see her dress, before the ceremony. And I was ecstatic...

Again, I reiterate, I didn't even think I was excited about this whole historical event...

But I now know many things about this royal wedding: like that Will will not be wearing a ring; that four of his ex-flames will be there; that kate will have at least two of the same dress available, 'just in case', that the Brits are taking full advantage of this marriage by exploiting it - marking the event by creating a variety of memorabilia to sell, ensuring that they, too, get a piece of the royalties, if you will...

Ah exploitation.




Living vicariously.

Why are we all so obsessed?

Some say this merger is a symbol of hope for Britain, if not the world - after Diana's death and all - Kate is here to step into the new role of humility and grace...


I am not sure I fully understand...But the message and the excitement of this event has apparently, on a subconscious, subliminal level at least, saturated even me and my dreams...

Maybe it's all now a part of our collective unconscious...

Or maybe I should just stop watching television and focus on things much more relevant to my life:

Politics anyone?

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  1. Anonymous21.4.11

    Did I ever tell you that Kate and I were at Marlborough College at the same time? That's about as exciting as this story gets. I don't think I ever talked to her. But one of my close friends was friends with Kate's younger sister, Pippa (as she is known). Will came to play rugby at our school and I, crazy Canadian foreign student, went to the game armed with my camera. I took lots of pics but none of them turned out. Those were the days before zoom became standard.

    I love the royal family; I feel like that should be capitalized, Royal Family. I think if I was British I'd be one of those die-hard Royal followers.

    Harper et al. don't get me excited in the same way.



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