April 17, 2011


Tomorrow I turn the same age my mom was when she adopted all four of us children. Tomorrow I am turning the age I have always used as my 'old age' barometer. She hd grey hair (I pulled out two yesterday from my own head, my friends); she had some wrinkles; (My forehead is just itching to form some pretty deep lines - they're there, just waiting to pounce, I can feel it!)

And yet, I am very pleased.

I never thought I'd have two kids by this age.

Wasn't even sure I would ever marry.

Lord knows I had no idea for the longest time what I'd do with myself career-wise - and yet, here I am, in the only career that can feed my ADHD frenetic energy-ed self and my moral (um. er. bossy) nature...


If birthdays are moments of reflection, this year, I am happy to reflect on my life. I am pleased and proud. And I have now, for the first time ever, got myself a very amazing group of friends and a wonderful support system...I've weeded out the weighty, toxic people and am only surrounded by beauty!

How lucky am I?

Love to all!


  1. Anonymous18.4.11

    Happy 32nd S! Aw, that brings me back - I remember those long wine-filled chats at the Spoke where we both went on and on about how we would never marry and be Anais Nin artist types for ever. Haha.

    (Shh...I like it better on this side. Don't tell my young self that though!)

    I'm so happy everything has worked out so well for you. Your little ones are breathtaking! xo

  2. Thanks, Mon! I do remember those days fondly...and the aroma of cloves also resonates...


Thanks for your thoughts!


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