July 8, 2010

On Holidaying..

One week in and I have to say e and my bond has strengthened already! I didn't even know it had weakened, but in the last week we've been almost inseparable and now we're like two peas again. It's been so much fun - and watching as she evolves and being a full time part of it has been a real privilege.

I have to say, though, that I used to find work difficult. I would yearn for the days when I'd be off on maternity leave: you know, taking a break and all that. 


Sorry to say this, but working is now what I consider my holiday. Not that I would choose it over being at home with e; but it is less demanding on many levels. I am not even sure why. One of the most positive aspects of work is the fact that there is always gratitude and appreciation there.

At home, if I manage to get e down for a nap, or clean up after her many turbulent and crazy messes (you know the ones, when she empties all the cupboards, and fills all her various plastic containers with froot loops, then proceeds to dump them all over and step on them and leave a crumby, container-laden pile of debris... - before she moves on to pulling out all her cars and her other toys and and...) You get the point.

But keeping the house clean and the child stimulated, happy and healthy is almost a thankless job. Almost. I would say that her happiness does speak volumes. 

But no thanks is usually offered for household duties. 

I agree with my mother-in-law - cleaning et al is a thankless gig.

And being a girl who's worked since I was twelve, well, I enjoy recognition.

And so I miss that right now ever so slightly.

I am trying to make sure I get some time out on my own as well, so as to not go completely stir-crazy and become resentful of things...

I even got a one week free membership to the gym which has been nice: a little me time. And e can play in the daycare - and she does so happily.

Yesterday I dropped her off in a room that was like a bee hive - many many children and not a lot of help. However, the older girls flocked to e as though she were the only little one there, so I knew she was in good hands.

You'd think she would have been the littlest bit apprehensive, but no. She barely looked behind at me as I let her go - it was like, alright what can I get into... and not so much  no mommy don't leave me..!!!

I have been told that I've bred a very secure child! Yippee.
I am very proud of this accomplishment (although I'd say it has quite a lot to due with e's personality and not so much to do with good parenting!).

On that note, I am laughing at me as a parent. I am not one for saying no. In fact, I am a fan of letting e be pretty free.

jb, not so much. Every other word is no no no! Boo hiss! I say nuts to that!

How boring!

Though I know boundaries are a good thing, too. I guess sometime I will stumble upon what I deem worthy of saying no to. So far, though, not much!

I even want to take e to Mceedee's...On a girl date...Which is hilarious since I usually eat there only once a year (the requisite New Year's trip)...

I have resisted, but I am close!

Anyhow, peeps, I will attach a pic of e and me playing dress-up...


Happy days!


  1. Anonymous13.7.10

    Take e to McDee's -- she loves the fries, if I remember right, and she'll have a great time in the playland. Tyler used to love going there. He'd never want to leave.

    In order to get the thanks I want/think I deserve, I unabashedly list tasks completed/pending to hubby so that he knows what all I do around the house. It's nice when he notices the work I've done on his own; but, when he doesn't, I just point it out. I need him to know that I'm "doing my part" in the house. Is this self-cenrtered and egotistical on my part? Yes. Does his acknowledgement and appreciation make me happy? Yes. And happy wife = happy life.

    Sorry for being so neglectful lately. Elora is keeping me INSANELY busy. Completely behind on fb, e-mail, blog commenting, housework...


  2. dude I love that thought. HILARIOUS. Jb would NOT be into that and would dig his heals in were I to try and ask for recognition. Yup. He's a stubborn one - lucky for you that you can do that, though. Recognition is IMPORTANT!

  3. ps. love that elora is keeping you busy? any time off to come hang with e and me or for e and me to come stay with you?


Thanks for your thoughts!


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