June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to my most Beautiful Le!

After whom my baby girl is named.

Today (or maybe tomorrow, depending on when you read this), thirty years ago, your mom witnessed the miracle of your birth - because you were not supposed to be - and yet you were...

And how lucky we are all because of this small miracle of Science and Nature and God (mostly God, I'd say)...

For who would bring such beautiful music to so many? Through voice, piano, and I think flute at one time? 

And who would write about Sondheim? Or at least, who else would interest me or provoke me to want to read about Sondheim?

And who would be the best ear for little SB for the last eight years?

How lucky for me to have such a gentle and understanding friend who has taught me about the importance of boundaries, families, fine foods, and tenacious perserverence - slow and steady my dear friend - we could not be more opposite! Yet, how I admire your approach.

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman I know! May you teach e about many things - but I hope most of all you impart your love of all things Art --

May you feel young and vital on this day! (wasn't it your mom who said way into our fourties we are at our primes?!)  Let's live by that!

Goddaughter-to-be-, e.


  1. Anonymous23.6.10


    Thanks, Bella. YOU are the BEST!

    Three sleeps...


  2. What a sweet post!

  3. would you believe i thought last night was thursday? man i need a break.

  4. Anonymous24.6.10

    Two sleeps...


  5. Anonymous25.6.10

    One more sleep...


Thanks for your thoughts!


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