June 22, 2010

Oh - It's like I have to pee so Badly and the toilet is still five minutes away....

The end is nigh -
Oh it is so close -
And yet I am still running like a bat out of hell...
This week is a crazy one: my brother from out West is coming today and leaving on Saturday: so I must squeeze in two good visits! And it's only me around here for three days and two nights: just call me single mom. So (and I know many do this daily, so bare with me....)I will have to run after school to pick up my little girl from one side of town, grab all her necessities and fly across town to meet up with my family - and I will do this twice...

hm. Sounds fun - huh? Well, I figure, sleep and relax when I am dead, right?

And then once the week of winding down my classroom, and trying to tone down my students, I will be off to D. to spend time with le and family on her 30th birthday! A milestone, indeed!!! We are all excited to go and see le's and Nh's digs - e talks about it nightly before bed: last night it was is it four more sleeps mama? No dear, five more sleeps.... and her response? But I can't wait that long! ....(I know, pretty amazing language for a nearly 15 month old, right?)

And seven more days of school - trying to fill the days with structure and calm....wish me luck!


  1. Anonymous22.6.10

    Four more sleeps! Woo hoo! Is big bro visiting with his new little bundle of joy? Saw the pics on fb. So precious. I hope that the rest of this week goes as well for you as possible. N and I are so excited for you three to visit. Will call tonight, if that's OK.


  2. Anonymous23.6.10

    Three sleeps to go...


  3. Anonymous23.6.10

    oh my goodness, jb is away on his class trip... that is crazaaaaay!!! how are you coping???? i know he's gone for work, but he owes you some get away time to yourself!!!! ls might be going to philly for work this summer. im hoping s and i can go but it depends about the oxygen requirements. aaaah, single mommyhood!!!!!! and working full time!!!!! have you had time to pee yet this week????

  4. ha ha. so far, peeing? no. well when my parents watch e for a moment or two....as for single mommydom, hate it! HATE IT! And yes - he totally owes me, I'd say!

  5. Sounds like a fabulous weekend!

    And yay: school year almost done. Can't wait to see what awesome things you're going to do with your time off :)


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