April 15, 2010


And no I am not drunk.

Today, proudly, was a very productive day.

I think I was a spoiled person before child...because I always stopped and vegged in the evenings. And now there is just no time for that!

I am enjoying life's pace greatly, but better start to catch up on some zzz's or I may die...or do something stupid.

How do you ladies keep up with your lives and be all all the time???

Help me. Help me!!!

Um. Thanks.


ps. I am starting a bad habit of not giving myself enough time to review wine...might be time to set the review aside. but I will not commit either way - just yet!

Happy Weekend....Yay Birthday Party Weekend!!!


  1. My husband and I just talked about this the other night. We have an almost 15 year-old and a 10 year-old. When they're young (like baby and toddler young), you don't even have time to turn around. But as they get older, it gets easier. Yes, you're still running all over the place to practices, friends houses, etc.. but they're less dependent on you in your home - they can pour themselves a glass of milk, they can take a shower by themselves, they can make themselves a peanut butter & jelly sandwich... you get the idea.
    The funny thing is - just this morning, my 10 year-old said "well, Ian will be home around 10 o'clock (the kids have a half-day today). I feel bad for you Mom... you won't have much alone time today." I thought it was so cute. As they get older, they're starting to realize that MOM has a life too!
    It seems like a loooong time, but believe me, it will go so fast! Hang in there! Just when you think you can't take anymore, things will change and you'll be pulling your hair out about something else! LOL!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Anonymous16.4.10

    Yay Birthday Party Weekend!!! I don't know how *you* do it. I don't know how any working moms do it. (I do the work part but not the mom part). The work and wife parts take up enough time. How do you add pukey-baby into the mix? :) See you soon!


  3. If you get any answers let me know! It's exhausting, isn't it?


Thanks for your thoughts!


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