April 19, 2010

On Aging....Happy Birthday To Me...

So Saturday was my fun birthday Soiree - and let me just say that I had prepped myself, given myself a pep talk, reminded myself that I no longer drink to excess like I used to in my University days...I tried reminding myself that I used to feel awful both physically and psychologically after a night out what with the overindulgence in body toxic alcoholic substances and then the utterly ridiculous conversations that would thus ensue...

I had PREPARED myself.

I was ready to have fun - responsibly....


and then the night came.

And the first glass went down well and swiftly...

So did the second.

And the third...

And then the fourth.

I could have and should have stopped there.

And would have been right inebriated for the entire night...

But no.

Since it WAS my birthday my friends were insistent on shots.

And who was I to argue?

Well - it was an amazing night. I was surrounded by my best-y and my bestests....

And I even got hit on (nice to be noticed once in a while - and it was all in good fun - especially when I mentioned my marital status and pointed the gentleman to my hubby and he was all J.B? J.B!!! How in the hell are YOU??? Your wife is HOT!).


Suffice it to say the next day I was feeling every bit more sore than I remember feeling before: again physically and psychologically...

Why do I not listen to myself???

Well. The night scratched the itch I'd hoped it would: no more wishing for big nights out.

I am good now.

For a long long long time.

And how.

But to all who were present at this event: merci - I felt surrounded and loved and overall euphoric.

What  a lucky girl am I???

(let's all pray I didn't make an ass of myself.)

ps. do you ever feel like this???


  1. How did I miss your birthday?? Grrrr...hope it was great! On a brighter note, I am going to be in London on Friday and Saturday night...are you free?

  2. Anonymous19.4.10

    Heehee...glad you had a good time :) Sometimes it's good to go a bit overboard -- reminds you not to do it next time.

    (And ouch, shots are never, ever a good idea. I don't know how we all made it through University. I'm resoundingly a wine girl now...wine has never steered me wrong)

    And happy, happy birthday! Yay.

  3. Beth - where are you staying???

    I am out saturday - but am in on friday - do you want to meet e??? when could you come by? where are you staying???

  4. Happy birthday! I just had mine a week ago too and all I can say is, it's so good to get some things out of your system. Like, um, I don't know... HAVE ONE NIGHT FREE OF KIDDOS?!

    (Even if they are cute kiddos...) :o)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today so that I could find yours!

  5. Anonymous19.4.10

    I take responsibility for the shots. Yes, all THREE of them. Next time, we'll have a limit of one. And we have to eat!

    It was a really, really good time. A night for the memory bank so that we can look back and say, "Remember when...?"

    Hope E and her mommy are feeling better ;)


  6. he he. yah...um i blame you too le. partly. in a good way! what a fun night - nothing like being in drunken bliss with my favourite friend - dancing and being carefree in a way only we know how!


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