April 14, 2010

Dear Diary

Why do some days have to suck ass? Like today for instance. 

Wake up to puke-y baby. Clean her. Bathe her. Rush to get my breakfast and my hubby's breakfast and lunches together....

Rush out the door ten minutes late.

Rush into school ten minutes late.

Start my first lesson ten minutes into class because I just cannot get my shit together.

Three quarters of one class did not hand in a major assignment...

So have to have my first 'scolding' session of this academic year.

Get home and things are tense between hubby and I.

e is still not feeling well and puked up what little she did eat.

And um. well - I think that's it.

Diary, why do days have to start on the left foot? Can I not always have good days? Please?

I'm just getting into the swing of things and am for the most part loving life. These little glitches, however, are really taking their tole on my daily positive perspective.

I am spu - spu - sputtering here.....


Thanks for the kind ear. Because I know and so do you, that I've got it really quite good. I just needed a small, short vent.

And I am done.

To bed.

Right side tomorrow, please, right side!

ps. How is everyone else's day going?


  1. I didn't have such a bad day.. just a busy one! Run here, run there, then back here again!
    I'm exhausted! I'm having a beer, then taking a bath and going to bed! I long for a day where I say "what am I going to do today?"

  2. Oh dear...that sounds like no fun at all. I am sorry you had a crappy day.

  3. Anonymous15.4.10

    I hope today is better for everybody in your house. Just remember: 2 more sleeps!



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