March 8, 2010

Last Minute....

It must be a human thing, right? We all seem to just naturally, accidentally, manage to leave everything to the last minute.

I am down to the wire.

Three weeks until doomsday - er - uh - back to work.

And everyone under the sun has contacted me requesting a visit from their favourite little e before I head back. Some people even want to see me!

But I had all year! And now I only have three weeks of precious time to spend with just e and I and I am feeling greedy. But I don't want to disappoint.

What to do?

And -- besides all the time spent socializing and me suffocating e (not literally!), I also have to start planning my back to school stuff. How does one start a class in third term? How does one walk in  and just pick up where someone else has left off? 

And more importantly, how do I do this without having to travel to or step in to my class until the fateful day. Because if this is at all possible, then I am going to try not to enter the school until I. Absolutely. HAVE. To!

So I should be planning right now. As we speak --

But instead, I've chosen to chat with y'all :-)! Because you're much more interesting than lesson planning, you see!

Can we all anticipate what will happen when school does start for me and I do have to mark and plan and all the rest? Oh yes. I thank you in advance for being my procrastination!

I have one request of you, though. 

Please don't start to infringe upon my sleep. Can we work out some sort of cordial schedule, you and I? What works for you? Let's start there. Because I have no idea what will work for me. So if you plan it for me, and all I have to do is conform -- that might be best. Easier on my brain.

Easier for me to explain to j.b. I'll just tell him it was YOU who planned my blogging schedule. So then he can take it up with you.

Just don't interrupt date night or dinner hour...I am sure he would be fine with anything else!

Sigh. Planning. I have picked a career that hinges completely on this. I think this is why most teachers are OCD organizational freaks! It's sort of an ambivalent relationship we have, though. I get sort of salivate-y at the idea of organizing when the mood strikes me (you shoulda seen me during my 'nesting' phase of pregnancy -- you've never seen a more demented woman than I! And our basement! It was a miracle. I should have done before and afters...).

But anyway -- I am planning to plan. That's good enough right? Because that's what this week is: the week to plan what I will do when I go back.

And you know what they say about best laid plans, don't you?

Yah. I'll be blaming it all on you if I don't get anything done. I am sure you don't mind, right?

I had nightmares last night about my class and how they were gonna hate me because I am just way more strict than said-current-teacher. But who knows? I've been out of the classroom for an entire year. I could have softened.

And I have this new weird thing that happens in my sleep: I dream that my tension causes me to grind my teeth so hard that my entire head feels like it's in vice grips...And I am slightly lucid and trying to tell myself to loosen up and stop grinding already!!! You know, almost like when you are trying to run faster, and telling yourself to move already!

So I am thinking that the stress that I am repressing is surfacing in my dreams and in my shoulders which are aching something fierce...
Man I hate change. Even the end of summers back when I led a simple, selfish life, used to make me cry. I dunno. I am an old woman trapped in an aging woman's body:-)!

But back to this whole last minute thing. Don't be surprised if my posts turn into discussions about what I should be doing but am not.

And please don't take offense, but instead feel complimented, when I blame my lack of production on you. Because it is a compliment. I would rather spend time with you any day.

I don't want to face the music just yet.

Is that okay?

**p.s. le -- i will post the beans recipe. have patience with me. sometime this week! okay? good luck on all your work and singing!


  1. Tell me this amazing beans recipe contain anything gluten or dairy...if not, I'd love to see the recipe, too, if you please!!!

    Oh, and feel free to blame any lack of time on me haha I don't mind :)

  2. Anonymous9.3.10

    Ooh, you could start posting more recipes!! Yummy!! I love the organizing OCD of a teacher. I can't wait to come over and see your uber-organized and gorgeous home!!!!!!!!
    p.s. I foresee a post about caring for a pukey baby in the not so distant future??
    ~ anonimo

  3. good luck getting back to school!! i bet it is so tough leaving a little one behind to work!

  4. I know this transition is going to be tough for you. You're in my thoughts. :-)


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