March 7, 2010


A blog can be a place where I can just blabber, right? About -- anything? That's okay, right? It doesn't always have to have organization, good grammar, allusions or other such writing elements. Nor does it have to have a point, and stuff, does it?

I hope not.

Because on this sunshiny day, I feel like just expressing myself -- free writing if you will! Oh, and by the way, you are joining me for lunch -- a 'yummy' low-fat, low carb yogurt, protein powder (I gave in and bought some) and bran buds. Can we say chunky cement? Here's to health food!

Regardless, I am glad you are joining me!

So I've decided (well j.b. and I decided--since in a good marriage, decisions are unified...non?) to work out with a dear friend on Sunday mornings. Yes. I have taken yet another step toward the fit s.b of latter years. I kinda miss her. Though I don't miss her psychotic workout schedule, regime, or mind-set, so I am hoping to remain relaxed and realistic here.

(As relaxed as one S.B. can be, you see)!

Anyhow, so I was in this great class called Body Attack, and I looked around the room at all the sweaty ladies, and I decided. I decided that it had to have been a woman who invented the gym. Or, if not the gym, then at least the whole group fitness concept. Because it is exactly what every woman needs. Or at least in my humble and maybe slightly biased opinion.

I don't know if I am over-stepping here, but this applies to me at least; being a woman is often one lonely doctrine. We are so busy caring for and keeping up with our families and lives and homes and jobs and and AND! That we barely barely have time for a real social life. And we are women. We need NETWORKS. This fact is like written into our our DNA or something. Communication is what we do!

Yet, our lives, especially these days, just doo not let us. And we need to be social.

We need each other.

So I looked around at all these sweaty women and I was like, wow, we are in this together. For this hour, we are a network: we are each others' social outlet and inspirations! And for me, meeting my girlfriend and doing some exercise as well is just perfect: two birds, one stone. There are only so many hours in a day and I want each one to count.

So I am feeling, post-workout, very energized and socialized! Much needed.

I admire always the amount my hubby manages to socialize. He just has so many friends. And mine, though I do have them, are either very busy with their own lives, or living just that little bit too far (either across town, or towns away) for us to really make a go at  the whole meeting up and hanging, thing.

And we are just way way too busy, aren't we? I mean, how do we fit in all we need to do in a day -- and try , when we can, to look and feel good too?

So I was busily moving my behind in this class marveling at the wonders of women: and realizing that we just need this hour. We need to let off steam. We need to be together, in a positive atmosphere.

I was considering not going to the gym, or at least not getting a membership; and many of my 'elders' were saying I would be too busy to even think about working out....

And now I say to that -- too busy for maybe a couple of hours a week? Really? Am I taking away from my child letting her spend some quality time with her pops sans momma and her naturally bossy ways?

Too busy to take a very very small chunk of me away from my life's duties and just do something positive and social?

I know there's housework to do, and food to prepare, and laundry to fold and sort (and socks to find), and a baby to tend to, etc. etc. But I can take one hour maybe two in a week to do for me so I can do for everyone and complete everything.

I mean, my friend said it best, one cannot let the first thing she lets go be her exercise!


And since I never get out to see friends, and I am rather isolated in my home, and my friends are equally busy -- why not marry the two: social and physical!

Yippee for group X!

And yippee for my friend for inspiring me to go.

And yippee to my hubby for wanting me to enjoy some time away for myself (although, let's be real, he gets to enjoy the results too, am I right?)! And for agreeing to be e's caretaker for the times I am away!

And mostly, yippee to that woman (presumably) who invented group exercise because it is the best excuse to get out of the house that any woman needs -- !

And the lingering chats after the class has ended?


It's the touchstone I need to get me through another quiet and lonely week at home --

-- Until the next class!


ps. Never mind how motivating it is to see the truly fit in the class and think well, if this class did that for them, imagine what it can do for me!!! :-)


  1. Body attack?? That sounds like an awesome workout! Totally jealous - i love a good sweatttty workout!


    love the post!

  2. Yay for the gym! I'm a firm believer in the healing powers of exercise - both emotional and physical. While I shy away from group exercise because it makes me rather anxious, I do love to go to the gym and mingle with other like-minded individuals. I do hope you enjoy your social/physical hours! :)

  3. Anonymous7.3.10

    I've always wondered about the hard-core-I'm-gonna-sweat-it-all-out kinda ladies who attend Sunday morning gym classes...Good for you for going and making the most of every moment.


  4. Ooh, I wish they had that class at my gym! Sounds amazing!

  5. Anonymous8.3.10

    i love the post too!! very funny!! and, jb will definitely enjoy svelte sb... that being said, my mom didnt even recognize you this morning! you look youthful and teeny tiny!!!!!!!!

  6. youthful? svelte! ha ha. that's funny. i was thinking maybe it's all the expensive face stuff I've bought? Or maybe I was just a hag before? and now that my hair is long I can hide it?! he he he. kidding kidding. thanks!

  7. Anonymous8.3.10

    Body Attack is my favourite! I'm so glad you enjoyed it...that class always makes me so happy. It's amazing enough to get me out of bed at 5.30am...

    And I totally agree about the unity of women, all working together toward the same goals...

    And good for you for making time for friends and fitness. Both these things are so very imprortant...and will be better for little E., and your hubby, and especially YOU in the long run!


Thanks for your thoughts!


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