January 13, 2010

Who are Beautiful Celebrities? -- a very important discussion!


Seriously, I try and try to come up with a male and female list of who I think are truly truly beautiful celebs, and I can only come up with, like, three.


Brad Pitt -- I used to pretend I didn't think he was hot so I wasn't following the crowd, but seriously? He's super hot!

end stop. that's it. that's all I can think of!? sad? pathetic? I think so. Well, there is Zac Effron, but apparently he's too young!


1. Sophia Loren

2. Audrey Hepburn

3. Sienna Miller (dont' ask, I don't get why I think this, I just do).

What happened to this generation of starlets? Maybe I am forgetting someone??

Help me out here, please!!!

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