January 13, 2010

Grammar and Spelling

I absolutely hate reading anything and finding grammar and spelling errors. That said, I make both errors all the time. I blame this on being a bit frivolous in character, always in rush to complete things. I don`t do detail well, yet I can usually point out errors in others`writings...(especially my fav gay celebrity writer who makes a mistake in almost every post!). I also blame teaching. When I`ve seen i or freind or becuz long enough, I start to think those are the correct spellings. It`s very confusing!

So, in my post regarding outter ware -- it is outerwear! (much nicer looking).

And in my post about the motherhood conspiracy -- babies can think, they just cannot talk.

Please point out any errors you find because I hate making mistakes!!!! Merci pour votre conscientiousness et understandment! ha ha. (sorry if I insulted anyone there).

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