January 13, 2010

The most important makeup item...

I believe it to be blush, especially as I age (although I have always been aging, my skin is starting to tell the tale...)

If you ever watch Sex and the City,you know that the only reason SJP looks so good is seriously the sweet blush pasted on her little apple cheeks. I am serious. This helps give her her glow. OK. I admit, she does look old to many, but to me, she looks awesome. Her makeup on that show is killer!

I will give an example:


Yes, there is airbrushing, but look at that glow! Blush is the fountain of youth of makeup, seriously!!!

But then I also think, I cannot live without mascara. It's like the outline of a good piece of art. The eyes are lost without it.

Then there's the lipstick...The glossy finish.

But, when all is said and done, and I'm on that island and I am only allowed one item...I am going to pick blush every time. I believe in aging gracefully, and good skin is the key.

What's your number one, cannot live without makeup item?

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