January 13, 2010

Remember When? A Fairytale

Remember when we believed in Fate, in Horoscopes, in The White Knight on his horse? Remember when the world was our oyster, and possibilities were endless? Remember when we thought life happened to us, and that luck was our ticket? When we were wide-eyed and innocent and believed in people and love and were excited about life and all that we were going to do! Remember when the world revolved only around us???

Well, the baton has been dropped, time to pass the torch – while we still have more ahead, we have basically become Who We Are. We’ve found our White Knight, though he did not ride in on his horse; our Horoscope was inaccurate; the Psychic got it half right. We have come to learn that we happen to life, it does not happen to us!! (Thank God for that!). And gasp, yes, it’s true: we are not the Center of the Universe.

The next generation is stepping in, wide-eyed with anticipation! And we get to go back in time, relive that bubbly excitement, dream again that big dream – see all the wonders in our children’s eyes! Who knew that this was the meaning of life? Ha ha – to live and relive excitement, possibilities…And watch as we help grow the next generation…We get to watch them stumble, fall, dream, succeed and fail. This to me is the funnest time in my life. The shift has happened; it’s no longer ALL ABOUT ME. And, surprisingly, I’m okay with that!

And that is my Storybook ‘Ending’ – and Happily Ever After!

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