January 13, 2010

Coffee -- An Ode

Dearest coffee so black and so deep;

Always there in the morning, my company you keep.

I could lap you up in greed,

Or slowly sip you if I need.

You help me relax in the morning,

Or rev me up if I'm snoring!

I heart you more than most everything.

Those nearly two years when it was only decaf,

I swear to you sincerely my heart was broken in half.

It just did not give me a boost, the jitters, or a jolt.

If I could to this health conscious Pre and Postnatal craziness I'd revolt!

Through the years and the days you've been loyal and true;

If I was ever to again not caress you and have you,

EVERYONE in my life would be very very blue.

You are my happiness in a cup.

Yesterday when we were reacquainted I wondered how I'd ever given you up.

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