January 13, 2010

The Gosselins!!!

Okay -- so I still am not sure if I like Kate Gosselin...My perspective is slightly skewed by my past thoughts of her from before the show and the marriage crumbled and also from reading a certain celebrity blogger's stance on her...Before the show began to unravel, I found her cold, rude, sharp, impatient, patronizing, snobby and VERY controlling; but, I also found her to be amazingly sweet, sensitive, sentimental, really organized, great mother, interested in caring for each child's unique needs (a very good quality), positive, and someone who loved babies and children. Now, since the downfall, I feel for her. I think, Jon is seeking sympathy from the public for being the puppet to a domineering woman -- but he knew what he married!!! Or should I say who he married. Ah martyrs...gotta love them. Now the family has no income, though apparently Kate is going to do a dating reality show since her talk show got poo-pooed...I think she may over-expose herself...but, you know, it's all 'for the sake of her children'...I think sometimes 'thou dost protest too much' -- meaning, umm...I think you enjoy the money too honey!!! ha!

Jon Gosselin: a lazy, leechy bumb who has no personality so clings to strong personality types to drag his ass through life without much work or decision making or anything on his part. Get a personality, get a goal, get a life. Oh and maybe stay home with your babes once in a while instead of calling babysitters.

On both fronts: you are overly over-exposed and need to go away for awhile. But I will miss the old show and my now shattered dream of your amazingly well-run household where all you did you did for your babes. You broke my hopeful heart--when I look back at your old shows, especially the very first documentary, and most especially when Alexis says 'Hi mommy' from her crib, it makes me tear up, seriously. But that's life...A lesson to me; nothing is for certain.

*all thoughts above are based on the show, which is certainly biased, and what mr. celebrity blogger decides to discuss...so I may be a bit skewed.

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