January 13, 2010

On words....

Okay, so since being married to one of the most down-to-earth, no non-sense people I've ever met, I've changed my stance on words and sayings. Words are tricky and unless they are exact and precise and clear they have no place...In fact, they can be hoaky.

Let's look:

1. profound. what does this really mean??? is it special?

2. touch base. okay. are we yuppy business people?

3. utilize. USE people. USE. It's a beautifully simple, honest and well-rounded word.

4. obtuse. ok this one is okay...but still, does anything or anyone need to be obtuse?

5. 'Do you know what I mean?'....are we dumb? I am bad with this one and every time I say it I feel like apologizing to the person I am almost out rightly stating is dumb and unable to follow my sadly simple train of thought. It's not that complicated.

6. 'Thinking outside the box' what does this mean?? what box? This is for real someone pretending to say something when really saying nothing at all!!!

Day Two:

7. 'At the end of the day' -- thank you Mumsy! Really good one.

8. Cheers -- thank you mumsy...or should I say 'cheers'!?

9. 'Mrs. can I axe you a question?': axe instead of ask. Truly frustrating. -- Thank you Mrs. L the teacher!

10. 'Mrs. do I have you next period?': hm. Thank you again Mrs. L the teacher!!!

11. All those silly professional teacher words: formative, summative, annotative (forget the one that is ongoing observation), inclusive, critical pathways, data based, big ideas, accountability...etc. etc. Thank you Mrs. V!

12. Here's some acronyms : LMFAO (I especially hate when my students say this one) OMG is hugely annoying, so is OMFG...

13. 'Shut Up!' -- an expression used to show shock -- but usually sounds really rude.

14. 'I hear you' -- not too bad, but still, really?

15. Dichotomy

16. Juxtaposition

17. Doppelganger (all three sound so snobby highfalutin)

18. 'Or maybe that's just me', especially when that person on that radio show says this after her morning thought of the day. She just negated (also a crap word) everything she just said with those five words. Seriously.

19. Fallacy. false. false. straight to the point.

20. Ergo -- ha ha ha.

21. Propulgate -- a word that actually doesn't exist...but is used often. What does it mean?

22. Perhaps. How 'bout maybe.

23. that versus which -- please use correctly, otherwise you sound like you're trying to sound smart!! :-)

24. 'let me be very clear' -- thanks English Teacher!

25. 'No offence, but..." oooohhhh, I truly truly hate hate hate this one. Remember when we were kids and we were told that if we had nothing nice to say, etc. etc.? Thanks to J.M.

26. 'I was minding my own business' ha ha! The charades of Friday night E.R. Thanks J.M.

27. 'Dear' or 'Be a dear''

28. 'Son' -- unless spoken by the VERY elderly, are patronizing...*no offense! ha ha.

29. 'Ma'am. ew.

okay, I will continue this one later...add any that you can think of -- thanks!

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