January 21, 2011

Why do we nest???

I feel such a need to organize, declutter, rearrange and just blindly toss any and everything that is not in a proper 'place' or seemingly just does not fit in my home.

Every time something gets tossed, or put in its place, it's like my back has been scratched in a particularly annoyingly itchy spot.


But then I step away from this brief moment of calm and see all the other things that still need to be done and the itchiness just takes over - never mind any peace!

Why does this happen pre-baby? Is it truly hormonal? Instinctual?

I dunno.

My hubby seems to have caught the bug too. He's all we're gonna throw away everything - just open the garage door, let the 1800 junk people come and take it all away...

And half of me believes him. But the other half looks at his thousands of needless and basically obsolete cd's that he loves more than he should, and I think, yah, right.until they come and try to take these items and you run madly after them, grab the items back almost aggressively and rationalize that you might need them one day.

And this lack of faith in my husband's ability to rid himself of needless clutter is based on years of observation. We NEED almost everything we have, don't you know...like the old couch that he had in his 'batch' pad in which he chain smoked and had cats who both shed allo over and shredded the pathetic furniture...and LORD KNOWS what else went on on those couches....AND He wanted to keep them for the children's play room in the future.

Let's all just simply say EW and move on...

You get the picture, yes?


There's no rationalizing with someone who is sentimental over material things including germ infested, yellowing couches that are hanging on by megre threads...

Um. Yah.

So, along with my base and uncomfortable need to rid myself of this stuff - I also need to get my hubby full on on board - and to do it MY Way.

Ha ha

too much to ask?

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