June 10, 2010

Getting My Hair Did...

To me, there is nothing more refreshing and uplifting than a good ol' fashion trip to the salon.


I am a huge fan of hair.

And an even huger fan of getting it done.

I love the hair wash, followed by the scalp massage.

I love getting it trimmed or cut and wondering what the final product will be.

And I LOVE getting it blow dried (because I am far too lazy to do that one myself!)!

It's been a trying two years, though, as I've been in search for my new stylist (my ex-best-friend, the one who has no nice things to say about me, yah, she was my old hair-stylist).

And I have certainly paid my dues for any wrong I've ever caused her - I have yet to find a better stylist for me.


I bet she'd love to hear that.

But I may have stumbled upon her (my new bestest hair stylist, that is) today.

It's a rarity, I think, a good hair stylist. Truly.

And one should really strive to have good hair. For real. Hair is an expression of one's self and how one approaches dress, etc.

And I want my hair to do that: to reflect the stylish and sophisticated, though feminine and soft version of me I want others to see...

You know.

But it hasn't and doesn't often look like that.

Until today.

And after an exhaustive week of chasing students and organizing too much school crap - and heading into my long week of report card recording, I needed this reprieve. This light in the dark...

And so, my friends, on this my favourite day of the week, consider me calm and cool and collected...

Because I just came back from my favourite luxury - getting my hair done by a proper stylist who uses only the most proper techniques and who works a prestigious, though reasonably priced salon (that has free parking I might add).

And now, I might take my lap of luxury further and go to sleep EARLY.

Ha. We'll see.

Happy Hair Day ALL! And to all, a good night!


  1. p.s. le - baptism Oct 3 - does this work?

  2. Anonymous11.6.10

    I love getting my hair done too. After having a string of hair stylists during university (includng sb's ex-besty, who BTW I don't think was ever that great with my hair, once she dyed it black when I wanted to be a brunette), I am so happy to have met Anthony, My New Stylist. What I like best about him is that, from the first day we met (about a year ago), I felt like he *got* me, my style, personality and has been able to reflect that in my cuts and highlights. And, unlike sb's ex-besty, he doesn't take 3-4 hours to do his magic. I'm usually done in 2 1/2 hours. (And, he's cheaper). Don't get me wrong, I love going to the hairdresser's but I don't want to be there for a copious amount of time. In any case, yay for finding a good hair stylist and having good hair!


    PS: I think Oct. 3 is fine. I'll ask N tonight.

  3. Anonymous11.6.10

    yay.. sb got pampered!! i have an appt next week, before ss's baptism! my hairdresser has been mine since elementary school and i love her. just 3 mths ago i said i wanted more of a style and what did she think and she gave me the greatest hairstyle of my entire life. i am very very pleased and look so much better. up until then i was always, "just a cut please." and she only charges me $25, which is outrageously cheap!

    what did your stylist do to you????

  4. ha ha. anonimo - I cannot wait to see your hair - and OMG - when and where is the baptism???

    As for my hair - she thinned it out dramatically, but left it long with proper layers to frame my face and keep my hair thinner. And she taught me that my straightener is not strong enough (hot enough) for my outrageously thick hair...

    Sigh. Oh and she did a nice sheeny deep, dark colour on me.

  5. and le - your hair is awesome! love when you find someone who gets you!!! and yes, ub did do a number on your hair...and this new stylist? in and out in 1.5 hours! and FREE PARKING!!!

  6. Anonymous13.6.10

    The blog is lookin' good. Like the new design!



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