June 8, 2010

feeling very much compressed....

Okay - so jb is now working from 6am until four, which means I now get e ready for daycare, which means getting me ready (takes a while); then getting food into me (also a feat); then waking and dressing e; finally feeding e (a very interesting and challenging early morning endeavour); and once that job is done, I rush to get to my carpool buddy then to work when my day really begins! And I am still running: getting my lessons ready, my materials for said lessons all ready, organizing technology for lessons; running and getting whatever else I need to do or say before the day begins (didn't it already begin???) - all this happens in a condensed fifteen minute period...

And then the day starts to really propel itself and I must teach math then language then religion then geography and art and drama - and in between teaching eloquent and inspired lessons, I am organizing talent shows and sports days and breast cancer research fundraisers - and in between that, I must keep students in to finish work, to do consequences, to show me some something, to clean boards, or whatever...

Oh and somewhere in there I must eat.

Then bam: it's three thirty and students are gone: lessons taught, work collected, parents called, students harassed for not handing in assignments, work marked, relationships made....

And I have fifteen minutes to get my class in order for the next day before I drive carpool buddy home - and then I rush to my home to feed e by five and play with her and do the dishes (jb luckily makes dinner) and and then get her to bed and then mark mountains of work and then and then...

tv maybe?

but usually a collapse into bed...

And repeat.


I am tired.

But I do feel vital.

I am just feeling there is not a lot of breathing room right now...


  1. Anonymous9.6.10

    HOLY CRAP! I don't know how you do it. But it sounds like these jam-packed days are agreeing with you. No doubt you'll be ready for classes to let out for the summer. When you're running at such a fast pace, you have to slow down every once in awhile and catch your breath.

    My weekdays go something like this...

    Alarm goes off at 6:45am. Get up and convince husband to get up too. Pack his lunch. Make coffee. Eat breakfast. Husband leaves for work. Get dressed. Sit at computer and resist the urge to check any of the following: e-mail, weather, blogs, news, celebrity gossip, random crap, etc. Instead start writing next section of dissertation. Continue until breaks for mid-morning snack, lunch, and mid-afternoon singing practice. Resist temptation to: exercise, plan menus, shop for groceries, do laundry, clean, garden, do excessive dinner prep, bake, write obscenely long comments on blogs, visiting grandmother, etc. (Despite best intentions, I spend way too much time doing things from this list). Husband comes home to dinner and helps with dishes. Evening spent outdoors or working (again) at computer (depending on how guilty/motivated I feel) or watching TV episodes online. To bed and repeat. Not bad, eh?


  2. I love your day - for sure! work (writing) always looming must suck sometimes, though.

  3. Anonymous15.6.10

    And people think teachers have it easy! That's why most teachers get sick in June... their bodies start to shut down. Hence the pink eye today...
    Oh, and that's why my alarm goes off at 5:15am every morning. It's the only way I can get everything done!! BOO!

  4. Anonymous16.6.10

    i dont like your mornings now that jb is at work earlier.. it actually makes me feel nauseous.. i could possibly do it if it happened after 9pm because somehow my energy starts then. which sucks. i wish i were a morning person. regardless, you are crazily insanely energetic. do you think you could spend 2 days in bed just catching up on sleep??
    ~ anonimo

  5. ha. probably not...one - e won't let me. two - um - I don't know how to sit still...


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