May 15, 2010

A Thought - or, maybe, A Consideration....

Just as an extension of Thursday's post, which was inspired by a surprise email from my ex-best-friend, I wonder, when is it okay to accept each other for who we are? And do we know how to see things from another person's perspective: that is, have a little empathy and understanding?

And to know, that in this day-in-age, we are all very busy people; we cannot do all or be all ALL the time --


Some thoughts I considered after an hour or so post-email sting....
I definitely have areas in which I need to improve; most significantly, I need to be more forthright and not unload every thought that is in my head right when I think it - a little filtering and discretion are my new personal goals.

However, I am who I am who I am. And I read somewhere (at some time) that we are supposed to be okay with who we are. And so are our friends (within reason): for better or worse...

In good attributes and bad...

And some people never improve on themselves and I bet they are doing just fine.


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  1. Anonymous15.5.10

    An e-mail from your ex-best friend? I'll calling you right now...


Thanks for your thoughts!


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