May 18, 2010

Generation Y...Teacher's talk to me!!!

I am having the same issues as all teachers: the busy days, the knee deep curriculum, the daily planning, the recesses taken up with student needs, and, finally, the chasing after the same few students who never complete their work. 

Is it a waste of time?

Or are we/am I trying to teach responsibility (by showing that I will not simply forget the students who try so hard to sneak through the cracks)?

Today, one of my favourite slackers and sneaky hiders, says to me (after I question whether his inability to complete work well or on time is a result of disorganization or laziness), I am lazy. He states matter of fact-ly that he comes by his negative traits honestly: He is generation y, it's in his bones.

I've never heard anyone say this before. 

Are students lazier these days?

What are we comparing today's students to?

I know my class in school was exceptionally motivated and keen, but is it generational?

I talk to my students and tell them that my job is not only to teach, but to inspire a want to improve and a sense of pride in my students.

I know I cannot control their feelings, but oh I will try to guide them!

I am asking a lot of them in this last stretch of time...

And they are buckling slightly under the pressure.

So today we had a heart to heart and I explained that if I do not expect a lot, then they do not know how much they can really do. I am trying to stretch their abilities, their senses of accomplishments and abilities.

I think we need to expect just enough of our students that they feel the exhilaration of success - but not so much that instead they feel only looming failure, and they thus give up.

I don't know.

I do feel we are expecting less of our students, mostly because we don't have the time to really push them the way we could...

Is that a broad generalization? Speak to me fellow teachers - what do you think?

Is Generation Y truly a generation of laziness? And are you, fellow teachers, feeling like you are constantly chasing ghosts - needlessly exhausting yourselves for -- SOMETHING?


  1. Anonymous19.5.10

    You sound like a truly fabulous teacher and even if some students don't appreciate it now they definitely will once they get older.

    I'm sure some of them just want to be left alone now, and that many teachers who have capitulated and area only there to punch in and punch out are happy to give them just that...I'm glad there are teachers like you!

    I know I always look fondly on the teachers that seemed to actually care. Remember Sweeney?

  2. Anonymous19.5.10

    thankfully i teach primary and i dont have to worry about these gen. y kids! i could never teach what you teach.. KUDOS!
    ~ anonimo

  3. Hey Sis, first i must say nice blog. Re: generation of laziness? I don't think this is the case. For some it may be a case that they are not challenged enough therefore can not be bothered working on something they feel is so trivial and with other students they may have not grasped some of the more basic foundations/concepts that they had been taught in prior years. It must be hard to teach using a cookie cutter :) All you can do is hope that every Teacher these kids have had before you taught them to the best of their ability.


Thanks for your thoughts!


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