May 10, 2010

there is....
absolutely nothing sweeter than watching a baby girl's personality start to blossom into outright joyous awe at all things life....

Her interest in doors and handles and keys - trying to figure out how each one works.

Her love of walking everywhere and her want to run - already. She is indeed my daughter. 

Why walk when one can run I always say!

Her love of spinning in a circle until she booms abruptly to the floor on her diaper cushioned behind.

And when she fills the day full with excitement: friends, parks, walking, eating, napping - to the point that at bed time she falls dead asleep in her mother's arms.

Is there anything more sweet than an exhausted from all things life little 13 month old baby e, nestled contentedly into her mommy - dead asleep from such a packed, stimulating day?

I think not.

And when I carry her from arm to crib and she collapses without so much as a stir - still dead asleep - but now lying in crib - my heart bursts.

What a girl have I!


  1. How beautiful! This is such a glorious age.

  2. Anonymous12.5.10

    So glad to be back home after a glorious trip and able to catch up on your last posts. This one is so beautiful. I miss the little princess.



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