May 7, 2010

edumacation week....

Why I became a teacher:

This week has been pretty hectic but awesome. I have been up to my eyeballs in Education Week (which, if you teach, you realize means everything BUT education).

Anyhow. I feel shmaltzy.

After a week of jump-rope for heart, track and field, speeches, Girls Rockit (I.T Conference), a mass and a volunteer lunch - plus a Spring Concert, I've been overwhelmed in student talent and youthful energy.

It's been awesome.

And it got me to thinking about how I went from where I once was to where I now am.

Once upon a time I went to university. And when I was there, the world seemed like it was my oyster: life was all expansive and ahead of me.

What would I be, I wondered? 

Well after several years of part-time work in the service industry and some lucrative and potentially advancing office jobs I learned something about myself: 

I was no one's bitch. So service industry anything was out.

And I was also unable to sit still long enough to do a day-job office style EVER.

That would be a slow death to me.

And so, while it took me several years to reach the correct conclusion, I believe I truly am in the career that is my calling.

I also recall my first day of practica - when I would 'practice teach'. I walked into the classroom and by the end of the day all I thought was They call this work?

Do these teachers have any idea how sweet they have it? They're surrounded by young kids so full of hope, zest and life! I wondered if any of the teachers I encountered had ever had the great fortune of trying an office job for any length of time; a job surrounded by (in my experience), dreary, older, uninspired, wash-up and washed-out adults.



Not teaching. There is nothing dull about being in a room of 30 teens with raging hormones.

It's a psychotic, though highly stimulating experience.

I am forced to be on the ball all the time. My guard, my sense of humour, my ability to adapt, and my appreciation for another's needs must all be in tune at all times.

And in these moments as a teacher I am alive.

I am never bored in my career. In fact, I rarely sit down or stay still at all.
And I am always creating: new lessons, new units, new plans for parliament or staff....

My talents are always needed; I am always needed.
I feel vital in this career.

While I am not naive enough to believe I will make huge impacts on my students` lives, I do think they are lucky to have me as a teacher; And I also think I am lucky to have them as my students.

We keep each other on our toes...

And what`s more fun that living on the edge? 


And that is why I love teaching....

Though there are many more reasons, it is Friday night - and I have some wine to enjoy. After all, Education Week did just conclude.



  1. great post! I wish I was feeling more like this lately instead of so negative all the time

  2. Anonymous8.5.10

    S., that was a FABUOLOUS post! You've truly found your calling, and that is a rare blessing.

    Those kids are lucky to have you and your enthusiasm...there are many teachers out there that would be better off in an office, just running down the clock every day.

    Here's to many, many years of joyful teaching! *raises up imaginary glass of wine - because a real one, at 7am before the gym would be a bit awkward*

  3. Anonymous9.5.10

    You inspire me, SB. I remember thinking the same thing when I was a "practice teacher." It's time for me to appreciate more often how good I have it!!

  4. Anonymous12.5.10

    YAY! Only you could make lemonade out of a room full of teenagers with raging hormones! Print this one off and shove it in a drawer. On a rainy day, when you're not feeling as positive about life/work at school, pull it out and remind yourself of the good things.

    Aren't we lucky to get to do what we want?



Thanks for your thoughts!


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